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    Season 5 Entertainment Weekly ALIAS news

    I'm just really sad about the cancellation but relieved that AT LAST we'll get the answers to all those questions about Rambaldi and all that stuff, that was killing me, also want to see spymommy again (hopefully with spydaddy).
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    Yeah...but think we should see a more active participation...for example Weiss visiting Nadia...anyone but Sloane visiting Nadia. How come Weiss is going to flee for a big job "near the just can't refuse that" I mean..Nadia was his girlfriend and she is being in a coma for only...
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    I just hope that in the end we get to know what the Rambaldi endgame was, it would be weird after four years gravitating around that storyline :blush: ...WE NEED CLOSURE!!! Hope Nadia wakes up, it won't be a happy ending with Syd's sister being in a coma :angry:
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    Season 5 Horizon spoilers

    Oh MY god!!! So it is pretty clear to me that Vaughn is STILL ALIVE!! He had to be!!! Imagine this scenario... He went into hiding to heal, and then carry on the investigation under the radar (to try to find out who are the ones trying to kill him , and what are the plans that they have for...
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    Season 5 Nadia's father

    Well, even for alias this would be hard to digest, I mean...Sloane is no fool and of course he would have done a DNA paternity test when he found his long lost daughter, he could not be deceived like that, even by Irina. :blush: