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    Season 5 coded message in alias theme?

    lol, um i'd be careful if i was you w/ the bashing of Alias. Since you are new here you probably didn't know that this used to be an Alias Forum which is why if you type "" you will still end up here.
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    hello, my names sydnee, i am 18 and i still love alias lol
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    On The Nile

    ok, thanks
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    On The Nile

    Are you going to continue on SD-1, if not can you add me to the pm list on here as well cuz i really love this story ~Sydnee
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    The post above is my Old Name so can you ignore that one and add this one please
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    Season 5 Alias MIA!

    Hey my names Sydnee and i think that there are more than 8 episodes left in the season because it is supposed to end some time in may and if there were only 8 episode then it would end April 20 and thats it it starts back up March 2 and Airs episodes 10&11. But if it airs episode 10 & 11...