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    yah funny
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    Halo reach CountDown

    Before halo reach is released starting on the 7th of september i need 16 players to have the countdown start post if in or any questions Countdown hope to see you join
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    Halo Reach CountDown

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    Jiu-Jitsu ever other day

    if you where in it and why? PS: forget about the title okay!!!
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    Computers PC vs Mac

    i think mac because it more protective on viruses and stuff like that like you download it will tell you if it has one or not in-fact im on it now
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    halo reach last 7 days of countdown

    that includes playin games all day long and having fun and stuff laughing to for the last 7 day before reach comes out we will be starting on september 7th any wayz hope to see you join
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    Happy 4th of july

    im going to my tonight uncles to watch the fireworks what are you doing
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    new actor come'in soon

    hey guys one of my friends wants to join DM so oh his name is x Psycho x HazE
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    Fall camo

    you it took me all day but i got my fall camo for my scar-h and i also became a level 70 for COD MW2:)
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    Movie Time with FPH

    so you all herd that im geting a capture card soon so im going to help tye and so and so with his videos if you like to help me with him reply
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    Best CCard for you

    any body tell me what the best recording device (capture Card) is pleace reply