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    The Asians Of AA

    hello! let's bring the topic alive. So how are you? How's life without alias going?
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    Väitetään vaan, että se on läppä niin sitten kaikki on hyvin :P
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    Married teacher couples?

    In my previous school it was from pre-school to k-12 and there was about 7-10 couples teaching in the same school, not all of them married though.
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    -yea..we've made only one bad music video :P that was really funny! Thanks Isabella :)
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    Choosing a major/career

    Well I'm stil in High school and non american so I have a question. If I want to become a physical education teacher am I suppose to major in health science?
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    International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

    I agree about the TOK thing. Even though we are not in the actuall IB yet we still have to do the lessons and do some exercises and all that, and so far I've learned nothing. I have to have some extra lessons so that I can get CAS from those, but it's really hard to know now how I'm going to do...
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    Mä meinasin kommentoida jotain tosi blondia äsken, mutta onneksi sentään en ehtiny :P Mut kui ei tääl käy ketään? Ihan tylsää... mut siis mitäs ootte puuhaillut kun Aliasta ei oo tullu?
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    Season 5 Vaughn.Nadia.Weiss.

    I love Vaugh, but I voted for Nadia since I really liked her and now she finally met her mother and it would be cool to see how she handels the thins that happend between her and Syd in Russia.. and well I love Weiss also.
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    Friends on Jay Leno???

    My computer shows an error on those links so can you try to post them again?
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    Which "Friend" are you?

    I think I'm Phoebe, well I guess in some occations I'm quite blond... ^_^ but I really wouldn't say that Phoebe is dumb, she just thinks uniquelly and in a odd way ( part of that I have in common)
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    In episode in season 5 episode 20 Emyly makes a comment about the Pope and lorelai replys "You’re Protestant, Mom." And when Emily and Richard found out that Rory was having sex with Logan the Priest was Reverend that refers to the protestant church. And Sookie and Jackson babtise their kids and...
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    Favorite Housewife?

    They are all great! I think I like Lynette the most... but Bree is also great and susan ok and Gappy ^_^
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    Guys in The OC

    Zach! But the people from the's gotta be Seth
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    Best OC couple

    Am I really the only one that thinks Kirsten and Jimmy would be a cute couple? I like Kirsten and Sandy also, but there is something about Jimmy ;)
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    Worst O.C Couple

    Rebecca and Sandy :ph34r:
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    Ladies of the OC

    I like(d) Lindsey. She was the best :) and then I like Julie she is a good villain and then you gotta like Kirsten :P
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    The Asians Of AA

    The asian thread is alive! I moved away form China and tehy don't have chinese classes in here exept in uni, but I can't go there since I have school :( so now I'm forgetting all of my Chinese, coz I don't use it anymore. Anyway... What's up people?
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    International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

    Well I you are already living in English speaking coutry so it wount make much difference to you if you go to the IB or not. But if you are planing to go to college in Europe people know the IB there. For you the language isn't an issue so it wount go to the plus sides so basically the plusses...
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    Whats your favorite subject?

    I've discovered that I don't like Philosophy. It's boring, okay well mostly because of the teacher, but still I really can't think anything in that class. I took like 5 courses of Psychology for next year and I hope it's as much fun as it was this year :)
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    Private School Costs!

    Well in here we have only one private school in the county and it happens to be only 200KM from my house so I'm not going there :) so our school system is good. Now in high school we have to pay the books, but lunch and teaching is free. everything before that all the way form pre-school to...
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