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    Season 5 React: Maternal Instinct

    Wow it was good except as already said, The new agents have not grown on me at all. I really don't want to waste my time watching them.
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    Out of Mind

    so far it is great. Waiting for more LOL
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    Firefly, series vs movie

    I didn't watch the series until the reruns started airing on SciFi. A friends husbands couldn't believe I had never seen the show, told me to give it a try. It took a couple of episodes (my husband and daughter were hooked from the first episode they saw) before I really started enjoying it. by...
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    Season 1 Transcript: Episode One "Truth Be Told"

    I didn't start watching Alias until about 1/2 through the 1st season and I've never been able to catch the 1st episode. I had gathered most of what went on as time passed, but reading the script really helped fill in some blanks. Thanks so much for posting this
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