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    Jack was supposed to be bad?

    I completey agree.The show is awesome the way it is and if Jack had been bad alot of the shows integrity and plot would have been lost. However if he had been bad him and Irina might have had a deeper relationship which I as a J/I shipper would have loved! :biggrin:
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    Who's the hottest Couple

    Jack and Irina hands down. I love them together. Their chemistry and love radiate from them. and the way Jack gulps when he sees her tells you everything you need to know. They are just perfect.
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    What's your favorite Irina and Spyfam moment?

    My favorite Irina moment is when she sees Emily again and she's all sweet to Emily then turns on Sloane like he leaves a bad taste in her mouth. My favorite spyfam moment is when they are boarding the train to India and Irina kisses Jack. I love Sydney's expression, it's like she's sayin she is...
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