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    What is the plot line you liked the most over the four seasons? My favorite is Will's investigation. I think that one was really powerful and clever. A great piece of writing! Note that a plot line is considered (here, at least) as a story going on for more than one episode, not something...
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    Season 5 100th episode

    I don't think that what I'm going to write is much of a plot poiler, because I have it from the official site (and I don't think they would want to give away spoilers). Still, beware if you don't want to know anything about the episode. says Anna Espinosa will kidnap Will...
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    Season 5 He has a HEART!

    What do you think about Jack playing the piano in the end of the ep? I think that was really sad. Jack is an emotional person (very very very) deep inside. Who would have guessed that?
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    Real Player help needed

    How can I make screen caps in Real Player? Please help!
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    Season 5 A major plot twist might be coming

    I was watching season 1 when this came to my mind: In season 1, a major plot twist came in episode 11 - The Confession: Jack revealed Syd'd mother was KGB In season 2, it was ep 13 - Phase One: The Alliance was destroyed, Francie died and we found out Emily is still alive In season 3, the Full...
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    Alias in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

    Hi! I am from Slovakia (former Czechoslovakia). Here at home, our TV has aired only the first two seasons, but I am downloading the rest (bit torrents) so I'm up to date with season 5. I don't think new Alias is ever gonna be on TV here. Too bad for the Slovak fans. Sydney and co. often visit...
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