1. S

    My Sci Fi Novel (Alien Invasion)

    Hey all, here is Chapter 1 to my sci fi novel. Its $1.28 / 99p on kindle. It’s called The Day Trip and is book one of four. Special thanks to my publisher Black Rose Writing. Hope you enjoy the pace. Amazon link at bottom. Chapter 1 A green, five-foot- six tall Armazoid named Gremlon...
  2. S

    Action SCI FI Novel

    Hey guys, here is a sample from my action / adventure book below. It is currently on sale for $1.24 from my company. I have three more on the way. “Come on,” Max said, seeing where Bradley was looking. “She’s dead.” The woman overheard them speaking and slowly opened her eyes, coughing up...
  3. Erik Martin Willen

    Sci-Fi Section Twenty-One (Nastragull Book 4)

    Hi Guys, My fourth book in the Nastragull series is out and I think you will like it. The war that will change everything is about to begin… When a failed rescue attempt kills three of the Vixens, it sends Alec von Hornet and his friends on a vengeful rampage. With the Third Universal War...