1. superintelligentone

    Season 5 Descriptive Summary Ep 5.07 - Fait Accompli

    Season 5: Episode 7 - "Fait Accompli" 11/17/2005 Summary by superintelligentone aka SIO The show starts with the announcement “Previously on Alias.” We see a recap of Renée Rienne after getting away from breaking into a U.S. Army Storage Facility in Germany. At the APO, Jack warns...
  2. S

    Season 3 The Photo

    I was just watching After Six and it sturck me, when Cole shows Lauren the photo we don't actually get to see whats on it? Was it Syd and Vaughn's kiss in North Korea, or was in perhaps from the video Allison made is season two? I am really dying to know now. What does anyone else think was on it?
  3. A

    Season 1 can someone that speaks italian (is it italian) translate this?

    i'm just wondering what that means, i know it's cut off but it would be great to know what it's about.
  4. D

    Season 5 Irina Derevko

    So what do you think? Is Irina really bad, or does she have her own agenda? What if Irina has been working for a higher black ops division of the CIA all the time? And she is working on something she can't tell anyone... Something big! Maybe there is an explanation to everything she has done...
  5. Jujupiter

    Season 5 Comebacks

    01/09 - Reliable sources tell me that Michael Vartan is coming back for three episodes! Of course, only time will tell if he's a flashback, a ghost or. hmm. something else. Greg Grunberg is also returning (and I hear Weiss may not have been doing exactly what told Sydney). And, another series...
  6. T

    Season 5 Vaughn's Dad

    Look at these pictures: You know, with a little facial reconstruction, this could be true.......... I dunnooooooo, I didn't get a very good look at them, but everything's possible!
  7. T

    Season 5 Vaughn's Dad

    Look at these pictures: You know, with a little facial reconstruction, this could be true.......... I dunnooooooo, I didn't get a very good look at them, but everything's possible!
  8. C

    Season 5 The Birth

    According to's baby is going to be born during episode 11 and Jack will be in the delivery room...I guess that means she will escape the ship before the baby is born. They also give a tentive return date...airing episodes 10 and 11 on March 2nd.
  9. B

    Season 3 "Do you really think the CIA couldn't find you?"

    Ok, so, Lauren said a lot of things during the battle with Syd. I get the pawn thing: "We're both pawns in the same game. The only difference is I know who controlls me!" Lauren was obviuosly talking about Elena. Lauren was working for her and Elena was mostly controlling Syd through the...
  10. D

    Season 5 Spy Baby

    Any theories on what's up with spybaby? The spybaby have some kind of power that the prophetfive people want... Is it the DNA, the baby's blood? And why is the baby so soecial? Is it because Sydney is said to be the "Chosen One" or is there another explanation?
  11. B

    Season 5 Rachel ties?

    I posted this at TWOP and wonder if anyone here has any comments or additions. If you review the screen caps when Peyton is accessing CIA server for Vaughn's files, it comes up with Rachel's name. Seems to weird to just be a coincidence. Like maybe Rachel gave Peyton her access code or...
  12. D

    Season 5 Spoiler from alias magazine

    What is happening with the baby? :blink: And we all kinda knew there was something up with Agent Grace, and that Jack knows something about him ;) Maybe something about who he was married too? Maybe Peyton? :unsure:
  13. U

    Season 5 2-hour return!

    I got the new Alias magazine today. File #13 with Syd and Renee on the front. And on page 7, Jesse Alexander says that episode #10 and #11 will be a 2-hour event when we return in march!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!! :D Its about time we had another 2-hour event! ;)
  14. T

    Season 5 US Airing

    When is it airing in US??
  15. D

    Season 5 Where is the ship going?

    Why did they capture Sydney and take her to that ship? Where is the ship going? It must be going somewhere or is it just floating there in the big ocean ? :P When Jack interrogated Dr Desantis I think he said something like "Where you daugther is, is not important, what's important is where the...
  16. A

    Season 5 Pregnancy

    ok so at the very begining of the episode vaughn offered sydney wine and she accepts it. but isnt she pregnant and isnt it not good for the baby to consume alcohol? or am i just imagining this?
  17. C

    Season 5 Prophet Five

    In the episode Kelly Petyon said that abducting Sydney may comphermise there larger agenda. What is Prophet Five really up to?
  18. C

    Season 5 Chase/SD-6

    I took a closer look at the SD-6 Map and Chase's name is on it. I wonder if she had anything to do with the alliance or SD-6(That would explain why she trusts Sloane so much). Could she be involed in this hole Prophet Five thing?
  19. R

    Season 5 SD-6 Map

    I raised this question in another post, but haven't see too many responses. In terms of the hypnotizing Sydney to get a name off the SD-6 family tree, why not simply ask Sloane? Sloane is on Prophet 5's payroll. In fact, if Vaughn (a junior CIA officer in season 1) has access to the SD-6...
  20. C

    Season 5 What was she really looking for?

    I know that Irena says that she was looking for information to help her find "Horizon"...but I don't get why that information would be on the SD cell map. (I do realize that we don't know what "Horizon" is yet) What I keep going back to was that when Sydney pretended to be Julia Thorne it was...