1. T

    Season 5 song

    what the name of a song that play when sydney and fran talk ??? sorry for my bad english i from brasil
  2. A

    Season 5 Goof

    Did anyone else notice.. at the end when Dixon was talking to Vaughn and Syd about Sark, he hands over the file with the picture of Sark attached. If you look closely, the writing on the pages behind the photo are the script! Heh dont know if theres a thread like this or if anyone else picked up...
  3. T

    Season 5 immortality?

    k this might be a stupid question....waht is immortality anyway... i mean how does it work? do the cells just keep regenerating themselves w/o the need for anything else? i mean cells need energy and nutrients to keep alive and make sure all the checks and balances how does this...
  4. V

    Season 5 sark and the horizon?

    i didnt know where else to put this so i started a new thread... irina knew what the horizon was all about cuz she said "rambaldi is life...though him we have eternal life" or whatever. so wouldnt sark know too? i mean, i guess he wouldnt have to, but if he was working with sloane and irina and...
  5. D

    Season 5 Answers to some of those questions

    Ok, to me the finale answered pretty much all of the major loose threads, but there were still some that have been left open/unanswered. I hope this means that a movie is still possible (even after JJ went and did M:I3, I'd still want him to direct an Alias movie), or even a spinoff... but most...
  6. S

    Season 5 help! need clips

    hi !! can someone tell me if there are any clips of the finale online; I don't live in the US and i'm dying to see!!! please. it would be a great help. thanks
  7. V

    Season 5 music

    ok, this is gonna sound really retarded. but--i think it was in this ep, it could have been ep 16--there was a scene and there was this background music. just music, no words. i cant describe it. but i swear it was the same exact music that was played during s/v kiss in phase one. now you might...
  8. I

    Season 5 CIA card's phone number

    Does anyone know if the phone number on the SD-6/Fake CIA dude's business card works?
  9. M

    Season 5 Its all over. But now you can own ACTUALL PROPS!

    I just thought I'd post this, because If I had enough money, I would total buy half the stuff on this site. (Mainly the Rambaldi Stuff) And all proceeds are going to charity too!
  10. G

    Season 5 Rate Alias: The Complete Series

    Now that the series is over, thought it would be interesting to see where the television series Alias stands in the opinions of the fans on this board. For myself, if the series would have ended after Season Two, I may have ranked it as the "best show I've ever seen". Everything seemed to...
  11. J

    Season 5 Indiana Jones connection

    Note: You probably won't know what I'm referring to below unless you've seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I noticed two similarities between Alias' "All the Time in the World" and Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade, so here they are: 1. In Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade, Indiana's...
  12. I

    Season 5 Un-tied loose ends

    Okay, I think I have started a rough list of some questions I still have... some may never be answered and maybe some HAVE been answered, and I have missed it. Feel free to post your own questions, or any answers to mine you may have..... 1. Did they ever solve the issue of Nadia's real father...
  13. V

    Season 5 That's how I define fun

    “Reprisal” begins with the team collecting photos of the Twelve. Sydney, down under, poses as a waitress and must jump off a roof and take pics mid-flight. Dixon, posing as a taxi driver, chases off a potential fare to take his photo. Marshall, in a Bangkok sauna, takes his photo with a watch...
  14. superintelligentone

    Season 5 Quick Recap of Episode 5.16 & 5.17 - Reprisal & All The Time I

    Season 5: Episode 5.16 & 5.17 - Reprisal & All The Time In The World 5/22/2006 Summary by superintelligentone aka SIO I was posting play-by-play at the SD-1. I've only had time to do a medium size recap. Discussion to follow. Recap Sydney is in Sydney, Australia to infiltrate a...
  15. A

    Season 5 SAD

    i know for sure that im gonna cry when i watch the last episode of alias! its too emotional, my fav show which ive watched loyally for 5 years is gone, no more sydeney and vaughn, no more sydeny being angry at sloane, no more sydney kicking ass, and no more wicked twists from jj abz :(
  16. TXbulldozer

    Season 5 Is Irina Derevko Evil?

    Okay, it's over. I'm just as distraught as the next Alias fan that "our" show is over, but let's discuss this ending. First off, the whole ICBM plot device was weak and unwarranted. I realize the world needs to be in jeopardy so Syney can save it, but it made no sense and I (and I sense...
  17. J

    Season 5 Thank you for five incredible years

    Thank you for five incredible years is what Alias left us with. Was it the right choice? Please do the poll above and post any comments you might have about this topic. Thank you. :)
  18. M

    Season 5 React: Reprisal

    You must join (click here) to vote! Please only vote AFTER you have seen the episode. Thanks!
  19. M

    Season 5 React: All the Time In The World

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  20. H

    Season 4 Her Dress from this episode is up for auction The not-for-profit Project Angel Food will be auctioning some interesting Alias wardrobe, etc. along with 100 other Hollywood-themed lots and experiences. Check out details and Lot listing at 100 (Click on "Hollywood Memorabilia") Alias Lot...