1. B

    Season 5 Australia sux

    I am a huge fan of Alias and am so mad that Australia has not shown any of season 5 and looks like they have no intention of doing so. I wanted to download the eps to watch but cant get ep 1. The one I get is corrupted and sends my computer crazy. I noticed that in usa you can watch them all on...
  2. J

    Season 5 Reflections after a couple of days

    I will always love ALIAS.. but I must say that I'm disappointed with the last couple of weeks. Not that they weren't exciting.. but they're becoming too predictable for ALIAS. I thought we were going to hear how Vaughn survived. We heard how Jack/Syd saved him.. Well.. rewatching the epies...
  3. A

    Season 5 BEST Season Five Episode?

    Which episode did you like best so far and why? There's so many good ones to choose from...... Anyone else think this is the best season of Alias ever?
  4. Alias_Gay

    Season 5 Episode Description ABC

    We got everybody back in action ... from Sydney to Vaughn, to Marshall, to Dixon, to Jack, to Irina, to Sloane, to Sark, to Rachel ... we are going out with a BANG :blowup:
  5. A

    Season 5 Previews after last nights episode

    This is the promo that aired after the episode... not the AOL one. to see these images you have to click pause all the time... Frame by Frame. There is an Explosion after the red wig shot, Syd fires the gun and than something explodes... it seems APO. Jack and Sark bleeding is before the shot...
  6. M

    Season 5 AOL clip- contains spoilers

    Ok, has anyone else seen the clip? It look so exciting. I can't wait, its gonna be a sad episode. Please can i ask not to put spoilers in this topic. But if you have a spoiler please put it in a tag.
  7. V

    Season 5 An elaborate scheme

    “No Hard Feelings” finds Vaughn in the Prophet 5 storeroom, Sydney posing as Anna and meeting up with Peyton, and Jack filling in Marshall and Dixon in on Sydney's decision to go undercover and overseeing the operation. They've placed a tracker on the chip, which Peyton promptly snuffs by...
  8. SkyGirl5

    Season 5 Vizzy (Vaughn + Isabelle) & Spyfam

    seriously all i have to say is :wub: :wub: best. scene. in. alias. history. vaughn meeting isabelle was what we've been WAITING for for the entire season and it was just so good izzy's gonna love her daddy :wub: and daddy love his little girl :wub: 😌 one big happy spy fam gen 2 with their...
  9. S

    Season 5 Discuss

    The second to last episode. I sounds so sad. So, what did you think about this episode?
  10. M

    Season 5 React: No Hard Feelings

    You must join (click here) to vote! Please only vote AFTER you have seen the episode. Thanks!
  11. S

    Season 5 AOL prevew

    here's the link to the AOL prevew for this wed. 5.15
  12. S

    Season 5 did you miss the episode?

    so i was searching through the ABC website and starting with this episode..... you can watch entire episodes of alias online! along with other tv shows such as lost, desperate house wives, etc. its awesome! i love it!
  13. C

    Season 5 Who Do You Think Will Get The Last Line?

    I hope it's Irina.
  14. T

    Season 5 AOL Preveiw

    Anyone see it yet?! Sark is so hot and funny in this epp! Aww Vaughn is soooo cute! Go Here! If you don't have the link! (Go down to the middle of the page where it says 'Alias Exclusive Preview: May 17, 2006' and click...
  15. V

    Season 5 Lovely catching up

    “I See Dead People” begins with two of them, Nadia and Rene. As Sydney delivers the eulogy at Nadia's funeral, the autopsy is performed on Rene's body, during which a data chip is removed. At Nadia's funeral, Sydney comments on Sloane, asking “How could I have trusted him again?” She says, “I...
  16. C

    Season 5 Is Anyone Else Excited About Sark?

    I was watching last night, and HOLY Cow Batman.. Sark! I have to admit deep down that I sort of like Sark. He's always been a bad guy from the begining. I think every girl wants a bad boy and doesnt want to admit that. I just hope that he burns Slone. Ok so you'll have to overlook me, I hate...
  17. V

    Season 5 prophecies?

    ok so syd was cloned so that the prophecy on page 47 could be fulfilled, etc but what about the prophecy from the end of season 3? the one that said the passenger and the chosen one would fight and only one would survive, or whatever. i didnt pay much attention to last season, especially the...
  18. S

    Season 5 HELP! Need ep guide.

    Please help. My satellite went out while I was taping Alias, while I was away from home. I saw the first 3 minutes and then nothing else. Can someone provide a guide or is there a place online where I can buy and download last night's episode. I really hope I don't have to wait for...
  19. N

    Season 5 Are they getting sloppy? spoilers!

    hey there i just watched the latest episode and i must say i am disappointed. there were three things that bothered me the most. 1. sloane tells payton that he needs a manuscript from geneva. we then see a cut to zürich where payton is obtaining the manuscript. it happened before that they...
  20. M

    Season 5 React: I See Dead People

    You must join (click here) to vote! Please only vote AFTER you have seen the episode. Thanks! I'm soooooo sorry. I totally forgot. I'm not watching the episode right now. I have a test tomorrow. Maybe I'll watch with the west coasters... but probably not. So either way, i'm outta...