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  1. AWalkerBit.Me

    Announcements Presents the Happy New Year Walking Dead Marathon Epic Giveaway!

    One marathon. One chance. One entry. One drawing. One winner. One Happy New Year from AWalkerBit.Me! Requirements: Be involved in the chat during the showing of The Walking Dead marathon. Simple. Drawing:Held on New Years Day Winner Receives: Another Volume every two (2) weeks...
  2. AWalkerBit.Me

    Announcements Presents The Hello Kitty Daryl Dixon Doll Giveaway!

    There are a few "rules" in order to be eligible for this giveway. You must be a registered ACTIVE member here at this website. Each person who plans to enter this contest, must be a registered member here at this website, following us on Twitter does not guarantee an entry. Every person active...
  3. Sheldon

    Announcements Questionnaire - Please Respond

    Just curious how you all found us? Twitter Facebook xenForo post or signature another site Google What made you register? love The Walking Dead... know someone here... to see me complain... for a XenForo add-on here... to try and win free stuff... What is your honest opinion of the site...
  4. Sheldon

    Announcements Custom FB Timelines

    I'll add to this as I create more.
  5. AWalkerBit.Me

    Announcements Join our Social Networks

    We have finished touching up our Social Network sites. Please feel free to join and follow, and share with your undead friends.Log In or Sign Up to View Facebook Twitter
  6. AWalkerBit.Me

    Announcements AWalkerBit.Me is now live!

    We have officially launched without any fanfare. :( Anyway, we were really excited to get this going, so we will be working on it as members are registering and providing their input. We are hoping for lots of activity and membership, so do you part and post away, and we will help you with...
  7. Kevin

    Announcements Cool Sci-Fi 3.0!

    Cool Sci-Fi will be undergoing major renovations in the upcoming months! :eek: We started the site many years as way of helping to connect sci-fi fans who shared mutual interests & tastes. That "1.0" version of the site was mostly manual HTML pages and was a labor of love. Back around 2004...
  8. Kevin

    Announcements Cool Tracks, new forum for music! you're into music, of any type, then check out the new Cool Tracks forum here at Cool Sci-Fi! Want to talk about it music or looking for music or to show off your music or just have some questions, Cool Tracks is the place to be. Feel...
  9. Kevin

    Announcements New Forum for Conventions & Other Events

    For our community members & visitors who are looking to find or to post information about upcoming events such as conventions, faires, & other get-togethers I've created a new forum. :) The sub-forum "Conventions, Faires, & Get-Togethers" can not be found in the Collectors Corner. If there is...
  10. Kevin

    Announcements New Anti-Spam Tools In Place

    This weekend we have implemented some anti-spam tools to cut down on the number of accounts being created by automated bots & human spammers. These tools are a little different from what has been place already. The tools in place before relied upon checking what was being posted to the...
  11. Kevin

    Announcements Server Maintenance

    ** PLEASE READ! ** :pbj_fix: All of the CinVin related websites are in the midst of being moved to a new server. will be moved in the next 24 hours. While the move is taking place the site will be closed on the old server. As part of the move the DNS settings for the...
  12. Kevin

    Announcements Cool Sci-Fi Arcade Updated

    You have may noticed a few changes lately to the Cool Sci-Fi Arcade... :D We are testing a new version of the Arcade that has some cool new features like a tournament system. You're invited to check it out and see what you can break. It would be really great if you could give some feedback...
  13. Kevin

    Announcements Usenet Feeds Turned Off

    Well, after another weekend of fighting MySQL issues I have turned off the Usenet groups & gateway. Nearly every time we have issues with the server it can be traced back to the Usenet postings. Over the years we have done our best to offer a free Usenet gateway to our community members. The...
  14. Kevin

    Announcements Volunteers wanted!

    Cool Sci-Fi is looking for volunteers! :cool: If you enjoy sci-fi & related genres, and you like talking with other people, then volunteer to be one of our moderators! We are looking for somebody with a different perspective on things. If you're outgoing and are frequently online, then send...
  15. Tim

    Cool Sci-Fi's 10 Questions With... Patrick G. Cox, author of Out Of Time

    We speak to the British author Patrick G. Cox whose first novel Out Of Time is already out in print and his second novel, The Enemy Within, is just coming out. Both books are part of an ongoing series about a trio of nineteenth century sailors who find themselves transported into the near...
  16. Kevin

    Announcements Software Upgrades This Week

    We are in the midst of upgrading the forum software this week. If you come across a broken link or feature, please let us know so we can take care of it. Thanks, Kevin
  17. Kevin

    Announcements Forum Split & New Moderator!

    A little bit of news today at Cool Sci-Fi... - The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Discussion forum has been split into multiple forums. The new At The Movies and The Small Screen forums are for movie related threads & television related threads. All general discussion will still take place in the original...
  18. Kevin

    Announcements Netflix Top 25

    Just a quick FYI that a new menu option has been added to the "Fun & Games" menu. The new "Netflix Top 25" will show a list of the top 25 Netflix DVD rentals in the Sci-Fi & Fantasy category. If you're looking for something new to watch and need a suggestion, check it out. The listing is...
  19. Kevin

    Announcements New "Our Community" Menu Option

    Today seems to be the day for menu updates. ;) In addition to "My Profile" being added to the "My Stuff" menu, there is also now a new "Our Community" menu. This new drop down menu replaces the "Home / Forums / Gallery / Links" menu options that were there previously. We are simply running...
  20. Kevin

    Announcements New "My Stuff" Menu Option

    For community members who are logged in, you can now quickly find all of your 'stuff' under the new "My Stuff" menu option! :cool: Not only can you use this for quickly finding your own stuff but now you have a quick & easy way of finding the URL to give to your friends. Want to show off your...