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alternate realities

  1. Kevin

    Sci-Fi United States of Japan (Peter Tieryas)

    United States of Japan is an alternate-history novel by Peter Tieryas that I was looking forward to reading as it has been described as a "spiritual successor" to The Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick. Here's the Amazon description...
  2. AlienView

    Alien Designs for a Human Future

    If this sounds to you Human to be philosophical or scientific - It is not. This is pure Science Fictionalism - The future of the future But that is the only way we can communicate with you Human. Your science and your philosophy is to us trivial and out of date - Your ability to observe...
  3. Anthony G Williams

    Sci-Fi Tripped (2015)

    TV – Tripped (2015) Tripped is a curious little four-part SFF comedy shown on the UK TV Channel E4 in December. Long-term friends Danny and Milo are two young men in present-day England; Milo is a drug-taking slacker while Danny is trying to become respectable. They are shocked to discover that...
  4. J

    Sci-Fi Trying to find titles and/or copies of a couple of old Science Fiction Books

    I've lost track of a couple of books that I want to relocate and or replace in my collection. I don't remember the title of either, but one was fairly distinctive. This one was probably in the 1970s. It had a cover which featured one of the principal characters. These characters could assume...