1. Ulysses 31

    Animation Ulysses 31

    Title: Ulysses 31 Genre: Kids, Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy First aired: 1981-10-03 Creator: Jean Chalopin, Yoshitake Suzuki, Nina Wolmark Cast: Claude Giraud, Jacques Ebner, Amélie Morin, André Valmy, Annie Balestra, Annie Sinigalia, Arlette Thomas, Fabrice Josso, Francine Lainé...
  2. W

    Animation Title of sci-fi animated series

    I'm looking for animated series about space. There were scene with fights humans with enemies. Robots were in last episode, but not only. I remember a little informations - [dark-pink robot] is destroyed and steaming. Animated series with a few episodes (or mini-series). Main setting: Earth...
  3. CosmicMind

    Animation Adventure Time

    Man, this show is SOOOOOOO VERY GOOD!
  4. Kevin

    Animation Thundercats

    Thundercats fans have had some bad & good news lately. The long fabled movie is once again on hold after early released artwork did not go over too well with fans. However, the Cartoon Network is still going forward with their new animated series and is still slated to start airing this July...
  5. TanadrineStudios

    Animation A Tanadrine Studios Original Sci-Fi animated series: Delura

    As I said in my previous thread, all Delura episodes will be placed here instead for ease of viewing. Enjoy! We have a website at for those who want more info about the series.
  6. Kevin

    Animation G.I. Joe: Renegades

    Imagine if the beloved G.I. Joe cartoons from the 80's were re-invented. Instead of being a terrorist organization COBRA could instead be huge international conglomerate company. COBRA Industries would have ties to just about every aspect of life, from medial treatments to retail shopping...
  7. Alien Soup

    Animation Tron: Uprising

    Tron: Uprising will be a new animated series by Disney in 2012. Currently signed to voice the series are with Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings), Mandy Moore, Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman), Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon 5), Lance Henriksen (Millennium), and Emmanuelle Chirqui (Entourage). Wood is...
  8. Zach_CinVin

    Animation Family Guy

    Anyone else like this show? I think it's hilarious.
  9. Dalamar

    Animation What about sci-fi anime ?

    Just wondering how many of you watch, have watched, and/or enjoy sci-fi anime?
  10. Kevin

    Animation Toy Story 3

    Disney and Pixar Animation Chief John Lasseter describes back story to 'Toy Story 3' [Via LA Times - Hero Complex]
  11. D

    Animation The Real Ghostbusters!

    Does anyone remember The Real Ghostbusters? It used to be my favorite cartoon, and then it completely slipped off of my radar. A few weeks ago I found out that it's been released for the first time on DVD! Season 1 just came out and I picked it up the other day. It's awesome! The episodes all...
  12. Futurama

    Animation Futurama

    Title: Futurama Genre: Animation, Action & Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy First aired: 1999-03-28 Creator: Matt Groening Cast: Billy West, John DiMaggio, Katey Sagal, Phil LaMarr, Lauren Tom, Tress MacNeille, David Herman, Frank Welker, Maurice LaMarche Overview: The...
  13. Robby

    Animation ‘Witchblade: The Anime Series’ Available For Free Download On iTunes

    ‘Witchblade: The Anime Series’ Available For Free Download On iTunes (Via MTV Splash Page)
  14. R

    Animation sci-fi anime series recommendations

    When i finnished watching all my favourite sci-fi shows, i needed to find a new genre. I found sci-fi anime. Its not fairytales for children or stupid series for little girls as i thought. Although it was dificult to find the right animes for myself. Thats when i realized i could build a website...
  15. Tom

    Animation Banned Cartoons

  16. Tom

    Animation WALL-E

    Movies Go Kevin!:cool:
  17. Monsters vs Aliens (2009)

    Animation Monsters vs Aliens (2009)

    Title: Monsters vs Aliens Tagline: When aliens attack, monsters fight back. Genre: Animation, Family, Adventure, Science Fiction Director: Conrad Vernon, Rob Letterman Cast: Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen, Hugh Laurie, Will Arnett, Kiefer Sutherland, Rainn Wilson, Paul Rudd, Stephen...
  18. Tom

    Animation Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

    Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs Trailer In this animated comedy, a group of critters tries to avert the coming freeze by keeping their cool. We will have a trilogy! YAY!!
  19. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    Animation Star Wars: The Clone Wars

    Title: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy First aired: 2008-10-03 Creator: George Lucas Cast: Matt Lanter, James Arnold Taylor, Ashley Eckstein, Dee Bradley Baker, Tom Kane, Matthew Wood Overview: Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin...
  20. A

    Animation Fairly Odd Parents

    are there any fairly odd parents fans here? just wondered if there was any fans here? please respond if there are any. iNads