artificial intelligence

  1. Nightflyers

    Sci-Fi Nightflyers

    Title: Nightflyers Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy Creator: Jeff Buhler Cast: Brían F. O'Byrne, Maya Eshet, Jodie Turner-Smith, Eoin Macken, Angus Sampson, Sam Strike, David Ajala, Gretchen Mol First aired: 2018-12-02 Overview: In the year 2093, a team of scientists aboard the Nightflyer...
  2. T

    Must read!

    You need to have a look at this book. Its the weirdest thing I've ever come across. Its claims to be about the near future, but only partially true as its also conjures up an entire vision of the universe, with aliens, AIs and many other sick stuff which also seems kind of plausible. Free to...
  3. Tau (2018)

    Sci-Fi Tau (2018)

    Title: Tau Tagline: No bars. No guards. No escape. Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller, Horror Director: Federico D'Alessandro Cast: Maika Monroe, Ed Skrein, Gary Oldman, Fiston Barek, Ivana Živković, Paul Leonard Murray, Dragoljub Ljubičić 'Mićko', Sharon D. Clarke, Greg De Cuir...
  4. Rane Guthrie

    Sci-Fi Anyone Interested in Reviewing my Novel?

    I recently self-published my first novel, World Above, and am beginning on the second draft of it's sequel, The Encampment. I'm looking for people who may have input on anything they liked or disliked in it, and just their thoughts in general. Here's a description: Put simply, young Russel...
  5. Person of Interest

    Sci-Fi Person of Interest

    Title: Person of Interest Genre: Drama, Action & Adventure, Crime, Sci-Fi & Fantasy First aired: 2011-09-22 Creator: Jonathan Nolan Cast: Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Kevin Chapman, Amy Acker, Sarah Shahi, Enrico Colantoni, John Nolan Overview: John Reese, former CIA...