1. Tom

    21st Annual Cruisin’ The Coast

    Join us on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, October 1-8, 2017 for the 21st Annual Cruisin’ The Coast featuring all your favorite activities like cruise-ins, headline bands & oldies entertainment, a swap meet, the CTC/Vicari Auto Auction and much more! Event Info | Cruisin' The Coast Site Locations...
  2. Kevin

    Motoring Adventures in Car Buying

    After 15 years of driving my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee across 240,000 miles it was time for a change. It could survive for a few more years, and it will, but it was time to get something newer. Apparently things are a bit different since the last time I bought a car. :coffee: Buying cars...
  3. Kevin

    Motoring Audi TT vs. Vauxhall - Who's the bigger idiot?

    Here is a bit of road rage captured by a dash camera in the UK. The yellow car is an Audi TT and is in a lane that is mean to go straight while the grey car is a Vauxhall (GM to those of us in the USA) in a lane that is meant for turning only. The grey car driver obviously errs by trying to...
  4. Kevin

    Motoring Jeep Limousine

    Where I live currently is in a small development that is surrounded by more rural area then suburban or urban. That means sometimes people will come up some interesting ideas for stuff that I get to enjoy coming across. Like, for example, somebody turning a late 1990's Jeep Grand Cherokee...
  5. Kevin

    Motoring My 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Just got off the phone with an insurance company about repairs to my truck. Last Friday my weekend started off with a bang, literally, when somebody sideswiped me. While starting to go through an intersection there were three lanes, a dedicated left turning lane, a center lane to go straight...
  6. XLF Reporter

    Motoring The Ten Worst Small Cars For Big People

    Automotive web site Jalopnik recently polled their visitors asking them to name the worst small cars for big people. Most of the responses were geared towards cars that are not well suited for tall people but based upon the selections some of them are obviously not recommended for big nor tall...