1. Kevin

    Bacon! POLL: For Stevia packets, "Truvia" or "Stevia in the Raw"? 🤔

    So during the pandemic of 2020 I've been drinking a lot of coffee at home instead of buying it from my local Wawa while driving to/from work. Trying to cut back on the calories I've been using Stevia as sweetner. Which do you prefer for Stevia in packets, Truvia or Stevia in the Raw? I think...
  2. Bacon Lee

    Bacon! Your coffee prep.... cream & sugar before or after?

    At the local Wawa stores there seems to be a great debate the coffee bar... when preparing your coffee ☕, do you pour your cream & sugar into the cup first then pour your coffee in or do you pour your coffee in first and then add your cream & sugar? Why? 🤔