1. Kevin

    Collectibles Ghostbusters Logo Wall Hanging

    One of the more recent additions to my work cube, a Ghostbusters Logo wall hanging! :ghost: Yeah, it's cheap plastic item but I found it at a local flea market and it helps to brighten up the walls. It's about 12" from edge to edge and I have it hanging on a wall column so it definitely...
  2. Ghostbusters Logo Wall Hanging

    Ghostbusters Logo Wall Hanging

    The newest addition to my work cube collection, a Ghostbuster Logo wall hanging that I found at a local flea market. It's just formed plastic but looks pretty good on the wall.
  3. Robby

    Collectibles A new LEGO set honors the women of NASA—and it looks pretty awesome

    A new LEGO set honors the women of NASA—and it looks pretty awesome Enlarge / Margaret Hamilton holds a LEGO figure of ... herself. (credit: LEGO) A new playset from LEGO will honor four key women in NASA history—astronomer Nancy Grace Roman, computer scientist Margaret Hamilton, and...
  4. Kevin

    Collectibles Hess Toy Trucks

    Anybody else collect the Hess Toy Trucks that get put out every year? I just ordered the 2016 release; seems a bit weird since Hess stations don't exist anymore but it's a tradition that started with my Mom giving them to my & my brother when we were little kids.
  5. I

    Collectibles Stargate Sg1 Ponies

    Dr. Daniel Jackson Pony handmade by me.
  6. S

    Collectibles I've got some Dilithium Crystals

    They look a bit like some bath salts thrown in a tube But they have a COA from Chris Doohan So they probably are a load of bath salts? cool though?
  7. P

    Collectibles Nostromo Crew Hat.

    The only scifi item I have ever bought is a crew baseball cap from the ship 'Nostromo' from the movie 'Alien'. I bought it when the film came out so I've had it for about 32 years. And I could go and put my hand on it right now, I know exactly where it is. How sad is that?

    Collectibles Action Figures

    I have been collecting mostly loose Action Figures for 30+ years. I have about 4000 + last count. Included in my collection are... Star Wars, G I Joe, Masters of the Universe, Micronaughts, Marvel figures (various brands: Mego, Toybiz, Hasbro), Transformers, Dr Who, Star Trek, Alien, Predator...
  9. BirdOPrey5

    Collectibles Who owns a bat'leth?

    Guilty here... two actually... I brought one into college and had it while walking around campus one day when I had a speech class we needed to do a speech with props... If I did that today they'd probably put the school into 'lock down' and this was only in 1999, not that long ago. :eek:
  10. sideshowspacegirl

    Collectibles Oaky I'll go first...

    My major collection is science fiction short story anthologies. :D I also collect Heinlein books and have about 44 out of about 50 books published. It's a really hard process collecting Heinlein books because they are out of print (mostly) and I have to scour second-hand shops or flea markets...