1. Kevin

    Spam is the Devils Work

    While clearing out a junk folder in Gmail (I have a inbox rule in place for ads) the number of message to be deleted caught my attention a bit! :eek:
  2. Kevin

    Aprils Fools 2013

    So what kind of interesting stuff are you seeing for this years April Fools' day? Google Nose (, a new search engine for smells, is something that would come in handy sometimes cleaning out the refrigerator! :D
  3. Tim

    Comedy The Neighbors

    We're far and between decent scifi series, and most of the good ones are splattered with comedy. Stargat SG-1 probably wouldn't have lasted as long as it did if the suits hadn't got the jokes, if it was pure scifi programming. The other day George Takei posted on his Facebook page that he was...
  4. Buster

    Comedy Pet Humor / Funny Animals

    Fuzzy Freedom! :D
  5. Kevin

    Stephen King Reading His First Story In Class

    A little humor for the horror book fans.... :D
  6. Kevin

    Beer Stockholm Syndrome

    People who know me are aware that I don't drink alcohol. That can be chalked up to a number of reasons but the big one, especially when it comes to beer, is that I simply never cared for the taste of it. Now I know why. :D
  7. Kevin

    What is your Leprechaun Name?

    As we celebrate another St. Patricks Day (I'm 1/4 Irish), what is your Leprechaun name? :D I'm not sure I like being named Thunderous McSpud. :unsure: EDIT: I didn't read the instructions correct... I am Greenie McSpud. :X3:
  8. Kevin

    Games of Thrones = The Princess Bride? Perfect mashup!

    Just came across this one and figured some of you guys/gals might appreciate it. :D While I'm not watching Game of Thrones (no HBO at the house :() I do count The Princess Bride as a guilty pleasure.
  9. Tim

    Petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide due to its dangerous properties

    The White House Reminds me of the energy drink situation in Idiocracy :)
  10. Role Model

    Walking Dead Memes

    Don't know if this is the right place for the thread but thought it would be fun anyways as there quite a few of these that are great.
  11. Maggot

    Zombie funny :)

  12. Kevin

    Ghost in Elevator Prank

    I have no idea how I would've responded! :eek: 7N5OhNplEd4#!
  13. Starbeast from Planet X

    WIn & Fail Compilations

    Win & Fail Compilations Collections of the Wild, the Weird, the Cute, the Cool and the Extremely Stupid
  14. Tim

    Comedy Mars reacts to unmanned missions

    Ironic, not meant with anger.
  15. Kevin

    Time Machine Issues

    Why you need to be specific when dealing with time machines & altering history... :p Kill Hitler (Via XKCD)
  16. Kevin

    Heavy Metal Band Name Generator

    Heavy Metal Band Name Generator Came across this one while surfing, thought it was pretty funny.... :D Use your own name to find out your heavy metal band name! Using the first letter of your first & last names, find the matching values from the lists below and then combine them. For...
  17. Kevin

    Lion tries to eat baby at Zoo

    Remember, parents, when taking your kids to the Zoo to see some of the most dangerous animals that can be found in nature, dressing your kids up as a baby zebra might not be the best idea! :eek:
  18. Tim

    Hurricane Freidhelm aka Bawbag ('scrotum'!)

    Hurricane Bawbag - Wikipedia I was amused today to learn that the Scots, known for their colourful language, have decide to rename Hurrican Freidhelm (currently battering them) Hurricane Bawbag. Bawbag actually means 'scrotum' in Scots. Although I am more of the feeling that 'bawbag' just...
  19. Starbeast from Planet X

    Candid Camera - Short Skirt

  20. Tim

    one of the Baldwins has a doppleganger in the UK police force!

    Seriously, if that isn't a doppleganger of "Jane" then I don't know what is :)