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    Comedy My Big Fat Greek Life

    Did anyone see "My Big Fat Greek Life" last week? I loved the movie, but I didn't like the show, so I didn't watch it last night. I thought that they over-acted, and the story wasn't great. What do you think?
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    Comedy Dazed & Confused

    I dont know about you guys, but I absolutly love this movie. Slater is the greatest. :D
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    Comedy My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    what a funny movie--i would love to be in that movie (lots of oozo shots)
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    Comedy Kangaroo Jack

    okay, so this movie does not look very promising, but still, I love the part at the end of the commercial when they're singing the song with an Australian accent...cracks me up every time :lol:
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    Comedy Chritsmas Vacation

    Talk about the Movie Christmas Vacation here!
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    Comedy Saturday Night Live

    I think Saturday Night Live is sooo funny! ^_^ It always makes me laugh the show is soo funny! Doesn't anyone else agree I love the government take overs and stuff lol! a show as funny as hell!
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