1. TechyForum-junaid2

    C & C Animated Image!

    This is a just a image I animated from a image I found on Google I animated the hands and the eyes and made this move. Its for my IT project. Its all about e Safety to highlight the risk. This image is for a screen saver for children that's why its a bit childish.
  2. Martin_CinVin

    C & C Simple blue and white ranks

  3. Martin_CinVin

    GFX I Make Graphics!

    I make graphics so if anyone wants ne madxe for them please pm me
  4. U

    GFX Recruiting coders for forum software!

    A friend is working on a PHP/MySQL forum software project and is looking for expert or near expert coders in HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript etc. Name of site (and/or forum)?: G20BB (name of the software) Link to forum?: Forum is using MyBB until G20BB v1.0.0 is released. Genre?: Forum...
  5. D

    C & C Ranks i made

    rank i made for my first forum
  6. D

    C & C My last animated pic i ever made

    this is the last one i ever made
  7. A

    C & C My sigs

    I done my sigs only last night, I also have a matching avatar which ill upload later :)
  8. TechyForum-junaid2

    GFX Show Off!

    Show off any work you have completed in Website Design or Graphic!
  9. TechyForum-junaid2

    GFX Free Website Template

    If you are looking for some free website templates which as valid in html and css check out they have over 465 FREE templates for you to use most of the templates looks great!
  10. TechyForum-junaid2

    GFX Web Creation Software

    What type of software do you use to create website Software like adobe dreamweaver
  11. T

    C & C Cool Photoshop Image

    I made this because reach will be the last halo game (well for bungie) Tell me how you like:)
  12. K

    Algorithm - Part one to six

    NOTE: This story is also on the Sarah Connors fan fiction archive for member: structureandfunction also: i have stated that three people are the ones who are in charge of anything to do with my after Monday 10 09 i would like this to be the case from here on Surveillance Always...
  13. Lomeinie


    A/N: This is the first House fic I ever wrote and is the direct prequel to Getting Out of Reverse. Happiness By Lomeinie Pairing: House/Wilson FS Rating: PG (angst, not a happy fic despite the title) Spoilers: S4 finale spoilers; maybe one or two for the S5 promos but nothing beyond that...
  14. Lomeinie

    Getting Out of Reverse

    Getting Out of Reverse (WIP) By Lomeinie Rating: PG-13 Spoilers: Up through WILSON'S HEART and very very very AU after that although I might have a small minor Season 5 spoiler here and there Current Word Count: 16,396 total with most chapters around 500 to 3,500 words each Characters: Wilson...
  15. S

    The Avalon Chronicles

    This is a Mists of Avalon (sort of) / HP crossover. The Avalon Chronicles A new kind of magic is emerging. The great power that all in Britain once believed in is fading into the background. Strange men, with vast strength, come from a place called Rome. I know not how to fight them. My wand...
  16. K


    PETITION TO BRING BACK THIS SERIES this is a Crusoe fan fic story MUTINY Chapter 1: Once again I had tried to convince Friday of how there was no mountain god developed by man’s contrivance. He objected, “This is your “Good Book” it is a good story, nothing more.” I then threw my hands in...
  17. K

    sympathy cyborg

    Chapter 1: Chapter 1 Algorithm z3l-2011 John has begun to wonder about whether the Turk was given capability to read the other computer somehow that was in competition with it, that, in effect it was given the capability of anticipation. That, it could read both code and the part of code that...
  18. HJ-Onilink

    GFX My Graphic Resume

    I made this using Photoshop 3 for next month's GDC. My game design teacher and career services head are both going and they'll be handing out resumes to potential employers for the people who can't go with. Since my interest is in level design, I wanted my resume to resemble an editor...
  19. +wa.xFactor

    C & C 2 Latest

    Well I will be more active soon I am just busy with my EXAMS XD but here are two sigs I made in my free time. oldest to newest comments are welcome
  20. GCSkye

    Tutorial [Design][Video] Simple Tree Webdesign Portfolio

    This is a tutorial showing how to design a simple portfolio in photoshop. Main template design is originally for the purpose of the tutorials to follow showing how to code the site. Enjoy, and feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel.