1. Tom

    Avatars For You

    At a different community I helped supply the avatars for new members. We had size and dimension restrictions so I used pics from my collection and resized them. It's simple to do but many of our members just didn't want to bother so I did it for them. Here are some of the ones I like:
  2. D

    Sci-Fi Galaxy - Sci-fi RPG

    A sci -fi RPG set in the war occupied regions of space. The United Galactic Army is currently in a bloody conflict against the evil Necro Corps. When taking part one may not deviate away from the plotline, nor create unlikely events. You also cannot kill off an important character without the...
  3. Tom

    The More You Know: Genre

    What does Genre Mean? genยทre หˆZHรคnrษ™/ZJonRah noun noun: genre; plural noun: genres a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter. synonyms: category, class, classification, group, set, list;More Genre began as...
  4. Tom

    Sci-Fi Describe Something SciFi

    An exercise in creative writing. In a paragraph or three, describe something that fits into the Science Fiction genre. Something you made up yourself. This is an open-ended exercise to help get those creative juices flowing. Some Subject ideas: A futuristic weapon or weapon system A planetary...
  5. GrandKingEldrin

    I am in the process of making my own "sci-fi" galaxy, if anyone would like to add their own ideas, planets, civilizations, etc. please feel free to do so. Please submit a brief summary of it at before putting it up. This is only so that I know what is going on in the...
  6. Tom

    Encyclopedia Universe

    May 18, 2073 Steven Wayne Mills, using the Canyon Quantum Supercomputer, discovers the photon signal from our nearest galactic repeater. A mere 28.8 light years from Earth and it is believed to be the size of a large marble. It pulses the signal at 2 billion hydrogen electron shifts and is...
  7. Tom

    Sculptris: 3d sculpting program by Pixologic

    Download Sculptris for FREE by selecting your operating system using the buttons below. Whether you are a budding artist wishing to explore the world of digital art or a seasoned professional, Sculptris is free to use with no restrictions on how your creations may be used. Educational...
  8. Tom

    Terra Nova World-Building Project

    With the same concept as the short-lived Terra Nova TV Show, Lets get together and create a society and explore the possibilities of a utopian community. From habitat construction to government policies. Food production and resource sharing. Family values, education, expansion and emergency...
  9. AlienView

    We are the Borg - Prepare to be assimilated

    Greetings from the Borg Collective, 'Prepare to be assimilated -Resistance is futile'. We understand Humans that you perceive us as a threat developed in the Star Trek science fiction medium - First let us explain that we use human minds to communicate and if the message is too strong for the...
  10. Tom

    CoolSciFi's Never-Ending Story Set-Up Thread

    OK, The way this works is we use this topic to set up a topic to tell a story that never ends. The story continues in the direction our members steer it. We have to agree on a Title We have to agree on a Theme The Originator is the story guide. - Sets the opening scene - Narrates - Brings the...
  11. Tom

    The Qwine

    The Qwine by Tom It stood 12 ft tall on its haunches. Capeable of 18ft if it reared up on its toes. The bulk of the creature was covered in sharp spine-like fur that flattened downward giving its body the appearance of being able to penetrate into something but impossible to back its way out...
  12. Tom


    Pharcies By Tom It had been two years since they came to our planet. The Pharcies. Our scientists studied them, some of the scientist became food for them, the ones that got too close. The Pharcies were omnivores that grew at an incredible rate. Flat creatures, they inhabited fields, parking...
  13. Tom


    Lasciliks by Tom Around the turn of the century of 2100 humans developed a commercial nanofog that went viral. It was so cheap to make and maintain everyone had a set. The Lascilliks were unrestrained and rampant results of this nanofog. You see, people throw things away quite haphazardly and...
  14. Tom

    The Speculative Fiction Coloring Book

    For your pleasure I present to you the Science Fiction Coloring Book. Here's How It Works: You find an image that you want to color. Rt/Clk and save the image to your computer. You can then resize and print it to color with markers or crayons or Use a paint program to color it with your...
  15. Iestyn

    Skype Image Issues

    Hello, I hope this is the right place to post this :) This is a bit of a random one, but let me be clear that I have no understanding of photoshop and I'm no good with it :D I have a bit of an issue though. When I add an image to my Skype profile, it has a transparent background behind an...
  16. Azhria Lilu

    The Phoenix

    Old poem I wrote. The hurricane is raging, tearing, savaging with spite, Ripping into buildings, throwing debris out of sight. Twisting and contorting, spitting anger, hurling hate! Why can't I express myself with passion too, of late? But passion, what the hell is that? Shouldn'ย’t it be...
  17. Azhria Lilu

    The Deep - A Steam Punk Animation

    I saw this on my web surfing and thought it was pretty neat. Old tools and pieces of scrap metal populate the sea in this fantastic stop motion animation by PES.
  18. Sheldon

    Banner Design / Logo

    Just wanted to get an opinion. Trying to update my banner, here is what I currently have: Thoughts?
  19. Amber GGDxx

    Better Days

    Chapter 1 The sun was shining so bright it almost blinded me. I had just recently moved from my home town Brighton, England to New York, Buffalo. I moved because my mum and dad split up and I moved with my mum and my younger brother here. Buffalo was a lot different than England because it...
  20. H

    Request Anyone good at pixel art?

    I am looking for someone who can make pixel art, preferably an 8-bit style. It is for a game that is a parody of an old NES game. Hit me up.