1. Bella

    Feedback Can we change our name?

    It is time for a new name. 😄
  2. Jethro

    Feedback Problem on Television Forum

    Oops! We ran into some problems. TMDb TV ID not valid Where exactly are you meant to post the link, it isn't obvious.
  3. Tom

    Feedback The Articles section?

    Exclusive original Alien Soup articles and interviews! I'm wondering if Alien Soup is still featuring articles and interviews? Here we are nearing the end of 2020 a very taxing year. I'm thinking many authors, artists and genre celebrities are looking for a way to promote their works since...
  4. jaguarstigress

    Feedback Removing/Clearing Media Albums

    I'm having trouble clearing albums and removing some images. How do I do this. Thanks. If this has already been asked can you direct me to the thread.
  5. Redbear

    Feedback XF arcade will not play

    I installed the XF arcade ages ago and it worked just perfect, the host sever had a DDOS attack and I had to reload my forums thru the backup, now I go to play and everything is there, it goes to a separate page, but its just a un-hyperlinked PLAY text. any ideas ?
  6. maszd

    Feedback last post avatar

    Hi @Kevin regarding last post avatar, especially for avatar on thread list, i see avatar position changed to left side from right side, can you please share how to do that? thanks.
  7. Tom

    Feedback Problems using direct Giphy URLs

    Flat copy and paste of the gif url at gify idn't work right. This is using the editor search
  8. Kevin

    Feedback Getting Ready for Site Upgrade to XenForo 2.x

    As some may have caught from various other conversations I'm in the midst of working on upgrading our site from using XenForo 1.x (XF1) to the new XenForo 2.x (XF2) branch of the software. The 2.x version is fundamentally different so some add-ons that we use currently won't work with XF2 and...
  9. Tom

    Feedback Slow Response in Mozilla Firefox

    Kevin, You wanted feedback... In Firefox, latest stable build. On a PC home computer with a high speed plus internet connection by RS232 ethernet cable. I'm suddenly noticing long page loads due to the Random Media not loading the additional photos in the slide. When I hit my stop button only...
  10. sci-fi-dude

    Feedback what are you listening to suggestio...

    I like music just like the next person, but I noticed I cant get a single song in edgewise. There are folks out there that seem to be too spirited when their taste is being slapped on this thread. I say one at a time, be courteous to other folks and we will all get along just fine. :cheers:
  11. Kevin

    Feedback Group topics by genre (Sci-Fi, Horror, etc.) or by media (Movies, TV, books, etc.)?

    Please give your opinions! Something that has been on the back of my mind for a while now is "Do we keep dedicated forums for Movies / TV / Books or do we break apart those forums and move the threads into the general Sci-Fi & Fantasy and (now) Horror forums so that everything sci-fi...
  12. Imzadi

    Feedback How To Create a New Thread?

    Kevin, how do I start a thread? I have never started a thread. :communicator: :startrek:
  13. Tom

    Feedback Competition Idea - Alien Soup Flash Fiction

    LOL, I am just full of something today!:P Here is another competition idea... Alien Soup has lots of members that are well-published and rising fast. There are also members that are well-written yet not professional. A competition {with prize} could yeild some really great stories for the...
  14. Tom

    Feedback Community Chat - Trivia Night

    I have seen this done on many forum and community sites and it brings the members together in chat for a few hours a month/week. The way it has been done is: One person acts as the trivia master. The trivia master locates a trivia webpage and gives a list of the topics and the members decide...
  15. Tom

    Feedback Competition Idea - Alien Soup Logo Design

    Just thowing out an idea for a possible competition topic. Some of the members here at Alien Soup are very talented artists. Perhaps a competion {with a prize winner} might be a way to get a nice custom site logo. You would need the permission to use the image from the owner but that shouldn't...
  16. Tom

    Feedback In A Perfect World

    LOL, I have aspirations that will never be fulfilled. I would love to see extentions on many of my topics that are info only posts. Kinda like Movie Title (Year) The IMdb info Then in following replies discussion on the movie, the production and behind the scenes tidbits. Followed by misc...
  17. Jethro

    Feedback Warnings galore on trying to access the site

    Both chrome and firefox are issuing warnings when trying to access the site, seems they think the "aliensoup" thing is danger Will Robinson time. Not sure what y'all can do about it, just a heads up if unaware. N.B. No dangers folks, one of those net thangs.
  18. Jethro

    Feedback Question on Walking Dead posts

    Are they meant to go in the Walking Dead sub fora or do we post in the main forum? Not quite sure if the sub fora isn't an archive or should be active. Just started in on season 4 and ready to fire off some posts, the odd review, and point out weirdness. Anyone else noting no scene is wasted in...
  19. Tom

    Feedback Pluto News

    You know how you have a bot set to post hubble images and space images of the day. Is there a feed to make one for the New Horizons mission that will give us new images of Pluto as the spacecraft nears the planet? Right now the images are pixelated badly but as time progresses they will get...
  20. Kevin

    Feedback Merge "Tech & Science" with "Astronomy & Space Exploration" Forums?

    Anybody have thoughts on merging the "Tech & Science" with "Astronomy & Space Exploration" forums? It'd be renamed something like "Tech, Science, & Space". If nobody objects I'll likely merge them over this weekend. The goal in mind is to cut down on the number of forums with infrequent posting.