1. Kevin

    Feedback Smilies - Suggestions and Additions

    We have a few threads scattered about so I'm starting a new thread to be the central place of any suggestions for new smilies and to post when new ones are added. :) A new Einstein smiley has been added! It has also been added as a post rating. :einstein: = :einstein: Did you know that...
  2. Kevin

    Feedback On-Topic Forums: Books, Movies, & TV/Webisodes

    Generally we don't worry too much about threads being created in 'on-topic' only forums here and is why sometimes you will see general conversations in some of the areas. Well, I'm working on something that would be better if the Books, Movies, & TV/Webisodes forums were more focused on actual...
  3. BirdOPrey5

    Feedback Unable to hotlink some images (split from Simpsons thread)

    Hmmm... unfortunately for whatever reasons the images aren't working and I can't delete the thread. Sorry.
  4. Kevin

    Feedback Countries Blocked

    We had to add another country to the list of blocked access points to our server. :( All day long we usually get a few security alerts about attempts at getting into to the server and, for the most part, we can ignore them because the IP address is automatically temporarily blocked after...
  5. Kevin

    Feedback So we got hit with Russian spammers today

    Yep, the Russians invaded this morning. Not sure what they were trying to spam to.... about a half-dozen accounts used to post a few hundred messages with videos but since it was all in Cyrillic I don't know what their intent was. It was easy enough to clean up but I was surprised that it...
  6. Kevin

    Feedback Auto Embed Videos Supported Sites

    One of the many features about our current forum software we love is that it makes it really easy to embed videos in posts. For example, if you've been following the "What Are You Listening To?" thread you'll see an ample number of YouTube videos. When you are ready just copy & paste the...
  7. Bella

    Feedback Walker-ette

  8. Don

    Feedback Using IE to view and Post to site..

    Ok, So I use IE and Chrome to view and Post to the site but for some reason the last could of days I can not Post using IE. Chrome is working fine. Wanted to bring that to you attention...
  9. Kevin

    Feedback Change to how NASA's Image of the Day posts are handled

    FYI for the space buff fans that instead of each NASA Image of the Day being in its own thread that they'll be combined instead. The new thread can be found at Space - Image of the Day - 2013. I'm not sure yet if we'll create a thread per year or some other time based grouping of them...
  10. Martin

    Feedback Tapatalk - Will it be installed?

    So are there any plans on installing Tapatalk for all of us incapable of browsing while not at the computer? Makes it so much easier to stay online 24/7 :rolleyes: If there aren't already, then that's my suggestion obviously!
  11. Jethro

    Feedback Where's the review section .....

    Kevin we need a review section, I will wait patiently with review in hand :)
  12. Judge Dredd

    Feedback Issue

    There's some code showing at the top of the page behind the moderator bar. (See screenshot)
  13. Kevin

    Feedback Attaching & Resizing Images

    @astonwest I saw on your blog that you posted Miss Fritz & Wendy there so you could hotlink the images to here. There is an easier way... just click on the ""More Options" button to get the full editor, click "Upload a file" to upload your images here, and then after they have uploaded you can...
  14. Don

    Feedback Great JOB

    First let me say, I have had my own forum and build many other forums for customers of mine. Some did good ( 5000 members and more) and other did not and closed. So when I say your doing a Great Job here I know a little about what I am talking about. Suggestion: The site looks good but where...
  15. Kevin

    Feedback Sending a Message To Another User

    There are a few different ways of doing it.... If you click on his name a "Membercard" pop-up will appear. From there you can see quick stats about his account and also a link to "Start a new conversation". That is a *private* conversation that nobody else will see unless you invite them to...
  16. Shelley_c

    Feedback Spacing required

    If you check on these pages you'll notice the top breadcrumbs and button are touching the search. Perhaps adding some margin will fix that. .breadBoxTop { margin-top: 10px; }
  17. Robby

    Feedback Robot Smilies

    The Bender Dance smiley should be brought back!
  18. Xiggy

    Feedback Testing from The Outer Limits

    Just a test.... you may ignore this. :P
  19. Evil Antonio

    Feedback sci-fi roleplay section

    for people to rp on the forum together.
  20. Mirelly

    Feedback WYSIWYG Gone?

    <p>Since this morning hitting the reply button (and this new thread button) is giving me a blank text edit field which accepts html.</p> <p><br /></p> <p>Now while I can write half decent html, I feel sure that this is unintended. I've never met a forum which allowed uses to write their own...