1. G

    Feedback BB Code

    Am i allowed to use bb-code on this forum and what ones are active here? thankyou peace
  2. Kevin

    Feedback Test message using FireFox

    Just a test message using FireFox 1.0 to post this. Received a complaint tonight that FireFox uses are having problems posting so I'm just testing. :)
  3. Tom

    Feedback Congratulations CoolSciFi

    We have achieved the second power of ten in strength! {10X10} A celebration! An Anniversary! Requesting entry on calendar. Next power of ten is 1000.{10X10X10} Anyone care to try and guess that date. To start us off I say : October 22, 2008 or BeFore. Only 900 to go. :eek::worthy::eek:
  4. Tom

    Feedback re: Cool SciFi redesign online!

    Are you aware of this worm? :banghead:
  5. Tom

    Feedback Test doc

    Doc Attach UNSUCCESSFUL Flag.doc=File too large. Limit for this file type is 39.1KB. This File is 99.0KB Herb.doc= " " " " " " " " " " " " " 71.0KB Vitamins.doc= SAME> 52.0KB :mad:
  6. Tom

    Feedback test-attach folder

    B5 Starships Dimensions folder unsuccessful- 2,135 kb zipped folder x 2 tries
  7. Tom

    Feedback Test-Attatch Doc

    Testing file attatcment of ms word doc Nasa.doc sites link explorer File too large=109kb Scifi.doc Bookmark folder site explorer File too large=114kb Retry after zipping each Sucess!
  8. Kevin

    Feedback Don't forget, when playing in the Arcade...

    ... to always click "Save" when you are prompted for your comments. If you don't click Save then your comments won't be updated and your scores won't be listed in the tournament rankings! Edit: Now at the top of page.
  9. Kevin

    Feedback test poll

    testing a poll feature....
  10. Kevin

    Feedback Testing...

    Let the testing begin!