1. Tom

    Escape Artists - Fiction Podcasts

    Been a bit busy on my forum lately. I just finished a podcast thread for Escape Artists in Podcasts and Web-Series audio in GhostTown Soundwaves. Thought I would share it with y'all cause not only did I put work into the thread It IS Great audio fiction with the short stories included. Right in...
  2. Space Cowboy Books

    Online Event - "What Science Fiction got Wrong...and Right" with Hugo Finalist Gideon Marcus

    Space Cowboy Books Presents: Friday April 17th 6pm "What Science Fiction got Wrong...and Right (and how you choose the future)" In the 1950s and '60s, science reigned supreme. People believed that science would solve all of the world's problems. Engineers were hailed as saints of progress...
  3. C

    Movies Bubbles-Sci-Fi Short Film(Eng Subbed)

    Short Film Link- hello friends,im new here.this is my first sci fi short film.i would like to show this to sci fi fans.kindly watch and share.tell me your opinions guyz.