1. Tom

    Foodies Strange Food Combinations

    What foods do you combine that taste good together for you? Do you experiment? Do you see someone else do it and decide to try it? Is it a combination handed down by family tradition? I like ketchup on my sweet corn. Ever put malt vinegar on your french fries? I once new a woman that liked...
  2. This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop

    This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop

    This Unicorn shows the effects of improper toilet posture and how it can affect your health. Squatty Potty. I don't know why but this makes me hungry for some rainbow ice cream.
  3. Tom

    Foodies Foods You Eat Out-of-Season?

    What are some foods that you eat out of season? Not just fruits & vegetables, entrees, snacks and whole dinners too? I like making a whole turkey in the summer, not just for dinner, I love leftover turkey. I'm thinking of making a batch of pickled eggs. Pickled eggs are a spring snack for...
  4. Kevin

    Foodies Sandwich cut -- corner to corner or left to right?

    Making some sandwiches this weekend and I realized that Mrs. Kevin and I have different ideas of sandwich making. In particular, how they should be cut. Personally I like the corner-to-corner slice when making sandwiches on bread. Hoagies and cheesesteaks, of course, are cut in the middle but...