1. Kevin

    Foodies Thanksgiving Pecan Pie - The Great Pronunciation Debate

    Pecan Pie, one of my favorite desserts when done correctly, is a great treat but there has always been a debate around it. How do you pronounce the "Pecan" part of the name? For anybody who has been part of this debate then you know that going by the dictionary pronunciation is ignored by all...
  2. Kevin

    Foodies Hot or Cold Water for Instant Iced Tea?

    [FLOAT_RIGHT][/FLOAT_RIGHT]OK, first, to my friends & family in the Southern US... yes, I know, "instant" iced tea is an abomination that shouldn't exist! :P In my defense, as much as I do enjoy some real brewed tea, I've been drinking mostly Crystal Light Iced Tea lately to cut down on the...
  3. Kevin

    Foodies How do you like your hot dogs?

    For those that eat 'em, how do you like your hot dogs? Me personally, I'm a bit picky in that I will only eat all-beef hot dogs with minimal toppings. At home I like to bacon wrap the dogs but even then still use minimal toppings, usually just a little mustard and maybe some onions. For dogs...
  4. Tom

    Foodies Fruit for the Fruitless

    I always wanted a place with a big front yard with a sidewalk going past it in a family type neighborhood. I would plant strawberries, raspberries and fruit trees along the edge so people could walk by and have some natural goodness. Why don't rest stops maintain fruit trees and berry bushes...
  5. Tom

    Foodies Foods You Eat Out-of-Season?

    What are some foods that you eat out of season? Not just fruits & vegetables, entrees, snacks and whole dinners too? I like making a whole turkey in the summer, not just for dinner, I love leftover turkey. I'm thinking of making a batch of pickled eggs. Pickled eggs are a spring snack for...
  6. Kevin

    Foodies Sandwich cut -- corner to corner or left to right?

    Making some sandwiches this weekend and I realized that Mrs. Kevin and I have different ideas of sandwich making. In particular, how they should be cut. Personally I like the corner-to-corner slice when making sandwiches on bread. Hoagies and cheesesteaks, of course, are cut in the middle but...
  7. Tom

    Foodies Best Movie Snacks

    I've been to some very unique movie theaters and I spend countless hours in front of my home theater. I'm curious what you find to be the best snacks for movie watching? The old standby is always going to be Buttered Popcorn! I've been to theaters that sold hotdogs & hamburgers, gyros, Italian...
  8. Azhria Lilu

    Foodies How far would you go for McDonalds Chicken Nuggets?

    Bet not as far as this woman! “Don’t make me assume my ultimate form” is probably the weirdest thing I've ever heard someone not in a Superhero Movie say to someone o_O #mcnuggets #rage .
  9. Kevin

    Foodies Do you take pictures of your meals?

    While surfing PetaPixel (photography is one of my hobbies) I came across an article about restaurants who are now imposing no photography policies. The PetaPixel linked to the source article at the New York Times. I...
  10. Kevin

    Foodies Chips or Crisps?

    I have always been fascinated by regional foods (which, on a tangent, might explain my waistline) and one of the things that I try to follow is the names that go along with them. In the USA we have "potato chips" while our UK friends enjoy their "potato crisps" as a snack. At Christmas time I...
  11. Kevin

    Foodies The cookies are here, the cookies are here!

    Yep, for those of us in the States it is that time of the year again.... this years Girl Scout Cookies have arrived! :D I'm a sucker for the Thin Mints. It is just a shame that "Thin Mints" have the exact opposite effect on the person eating them. <sigh> I've asked the person selling them...
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