for sale

  1. daphneford

    For Sale Nashville Web Design

    Nashville Web Design we’ve been one of the top choices for companies of all sizes in need of Nashville SEO. Our talented design and development staff can offer unique captivating and user-friendly websites targeted and optimized to meet your ideal consumer/client’s needs. For more info...
  2. Marty1985

    For Sale Jayne Cobbs hat from firefly

    Ok so not a collectable in the strictest sense, but iv started making Jayne hats from firefly, they are pretty cunning, free world wide shipping!
  3. Kevin

    For Sale XenForo Related Domains

    I have some XenForo related domains available. All of these are registered at GoDaddy and are expiring soon. Very soon, so let me know if you are interested in any of them. These domains were originally going to be used by a friend for a site designing XenForo styles. They decided not to go...
  4. professor rubbertoe

    For Sale From the prop-maker for Doctor Who...RubberToe Rayguns

    Check out our new website for the coolest rayguns in this, or any other galaxy!
  5. T

    For Sale Pre-Sale CGC 9.8 SS TRON #1 Bruce AKA TRON / Cindy AKA YORI

    (Signature Series ) I will be having a signing with Bruce Boxleitner AKA ALAN BRADLY / TRON 1982 / TRON LEGACY 2010 and Cindy Morgan AKA LORA / YORI 1982 Pre-screen 9.8 !!!!!! CGC witness on site to Authentic Signature's Title: Tron #1 Publisher: Slave Labor Date: 4/06...
  6. T

    For Sale Signatures

    On the "Sticky" I read, in this forum are some points names "credits", but I don't know exactly what they are used for (except to buy designing files from other people), anyway I want to earn some of them. Back to topic: I can design sigs, with the style you want, each is 10 credits (fair...
  7. B

    For Sale Megan Fox

    5 Credits :)
  8. GFXDrop Bot

    For Sale Custom C4D Animated Avatar

    Here you can request me to make you a C4D animated avatar, please follow the form below [Size]: [Number of Rings]: [Text in front of rings (if any)]: [Object/letters in the middle of rings (can be a few letters, a sphere,etc.]: [Color of ring 1]: [Color of ring 2 (please add more if you have...

    For Sale Green Fury

    Hey guys, i'm selling this for 8 credits and when purchased I will send it with no watermarks
  10. L

    For Sale Eagle Logo

    2 credits. Just looking to get rid of it. This logo was made for a competitive gaming team, however they fell through with their end of the deal and so I never gave them the finished product. If you purchase this logo you will recieve it without the watermarks as a PNG-24 file, with a...
  11. K

    For Sale Kasem's graphics shop!

    I am doing graphics for you for some credits, just ask for some graphics, give me details and I'll see what I can do. :)
  12. B

    For Sale [Ezio]

    5.00 Credits
  13. Z

    For Sale Gas Mask

    Whatever amount you want really.
  14. B

    For Sale [B&W]

  15. B

    For Sale [Spiderman]

    1.00 Credits :devil:
  16. Chase_CinVin

    For Sale [SERVICES] GFX services by chase (pics inside)

    I'm Chase and i make web and print graphics for fair and flexible prices. I'm reliable and have a fast turn-around time on jobs. Here is some pricing and examples of what i can do. I accept paypal for payment. contact me: HERE: VIA PM or reply E-MAIL me: AIM me...