1. M

    Buffy/Whedonverse Drunk Trivia Tonight on HyperRPG

    Hey Everybody, Just wanted to invite anyone interested to HyperRPG's Trivia-Hops tonight. It's Drinking + Comedy + Trivia. This week they are doing Buffy/Whedonverse drunk trivia live at 6:00PM PST (9:00PM EST) at - It's pretty fun so just wanted to throw that out there...
  2. Randal R.

    Politics Real News.Real Funny

    Hey, since the world is going to end, may as well have a laugh at it. Some lil ditty's I have made on current affairs...ewps, did I say Affairs. ( Ted Cruz)(Bill Clinton) I have had many funny ideas I would like to put to video, but that is an effort to do, and not really worth it for a joke...
  3. Kevin

    Comedy Cookie Monster baking cookies with Siri

    It's been a while since an Apple ad has made me smile. This add with Cookie Monster baking cookies with help from Siri reminds me so much of our kitchen here at the house when something good is in the oven. :D
  4. Tom

    Sports Winter Activities

    I remember back in the 60s when all of the neighborhood kids would gather at old man Winston's hill and have hours of fun sled riding. Mr Winston even put a barrel on cement blocks at the top of the hill so we could have night fires to stay warm. In the 70s, I used to hitch rides around town by...
  5. Starbeast from Planet X

    Comedy Funny Stuff Videos & Pics

    Funny Stuff Contribute your funny videos or pictures here.
  6. Buster

    Comedy Pet Humor / Funny Animals

    Fuzzy Freedom! :D