1. Tim

    Hawken (mech game in development)

    ERROR: 404 File Not Found Indie game from a team of 9 and most beautiful it is looking!
  2. Starbeast from Planet X

    Champions Online

    CHAMPIONS ONLINE I found a free site where I can become a Superhero!
  3. theoriginsaga

    Stopping the Reapers in Mass Effect 3

    How is it even possible for Commander Shepard to stop the Reapers in Mass Effect 3? That's one thing I don't like about some of the elements presented in stories today. They always build up this incredible evil/force that is supposed to be so unstoppable and then all it takes is one person to...
  4. Tim

    Nintendo Nintendo 3DS battery limitations- really that bad?

    Cradled by inadequacy: the 3DS battery put to the test 4.5hrs usage, 3.5hrs to charge. Do you really want your kids playing more than a couple of hours a day on this unit? Surely there's a limit that we'd set for our kids? The 3D issues with eyesight/brain are a worry enough as it is...
  5. O

    Defiant Map Pack Tour

    Rooster Teeth's complete tour of the new map pack.
  6. 14mRh4X0r

    READ THIS! Your account might have been hacked.

    I found the following announcement on (Thanks to the Bukkit team for pointing it out): Following quote is from the Bukkit forums:
  7. O

    The Secret World GDC "11 Trailer

    Its gonna be for the 360 as well. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. O

    Orthuss makes redstone songs?

    So I made some redstone stuffs yesterday. Turned out pretty nice, so I'm making this into the full song. I used a premade flatmap, and INVedit, but no premade redstone circuitry or anything of the sort. The song is the theme from Professor Layton btw. It's pretty dang awesome.
  9. A


    What do you all think of minecraft? I recently bought it and I can't get enough. It is by far my favorite PC gamer ever and I was wondering who owned it and if you wanted to play sometime.
  10. C

    General Problems with 1.3

    1. The new launcher does not play sound on my computer. I have checked all audio outputs and confirmed that they are working. Both sound and music are 100% in-game. 2. The official launcher ( does not even open on my computer. I double click the icon, and nothing...
  11. O

    Laptop Recommendation

    Hey- Can anyone recommend a gaming type laptop for under $600? I know that is not much to work with. If possible, a laptop that would play the new World of Warcraft "Cataclysm". I do not play WoW myself..but..I have a friend that loves to play. Again, I know that is not much to work...
  12. S

    Armor Lock argument

    So guys, here it is at long last. What are your thoughts on Armor Lock for Halo Reach? Can it be used in a "Pro" way? Or is it only for hopeless noobs? Leave your thoughts below, and let's try and keep it civil in here.
  13. 14mRh4X0r

    Minecraft Beta 1.3

  14. Kohuded

    New Launcher - Server Downtime

  15. J

    I'm proud to present my own server! the IP: Please note I'm still configuring stuff.
  16. N

    can you give some ideas?

    Hello I hope you can help me. I am a game developer. I will develop a FPS (first person shooter game) something like DOOM or QUAKE. When I finish the game, I will publish it on the net free of charge. I will tell you what I want: The probes showed the remnants of an old and advanced...
  17. O

    Puzzle Map Under Construction

    Hello, I remember HG suggested this in some topic before. Anyways, what I am planning to do is a small puzzle map, where a puzzle (or multiple puzzles) is/are suggested by each one of the members of this forum. This also includes ideas on how the puzzle map will work. I guess some puzzles could...
  18. N

    Dead Island Trailer

    This is creepy as hell... but it caught my attention That's why I decided to share with you guys! but beware, this video is not for the light hearted!
  19. N

    Duke Nukem interview

    Well... I have no words to express the awesomeness contained in this video! ENJOY: