1. Google Home Assistant Halloween

    Google Home Assistant Halloween

    Logo used by Google to promote their Home Assistant special Halloween special commands. Check out this thread! https://aliensoup.com/threads/google-home-assistant-halloween-easter-egg-commands.60949
  2. Kevin

    Google Home Assistant - Halloween Easter Egg Commands 👻

    Halloween is almost upon us, time to have some fun with Google Assistant! :ghost: Your Google Assistant, either on your phone or Google Home device, recognizes several Halloween related commands and, only when it's close to Halloween, will respond accordingly. Commands often have a few...
  3. Korinaz

    Horror Halloween - 1978 - Horror Movie Facts Of The Day

    Halloween - 1978 - Horror Movie Facts Of The Day
  4. Sophie - Halloween 2015

    Sophie - Halloween 2015

    "Giddy up, Cowgirl!"
  5. Buster - Halloween 2015

    Buster - Halloween 2015

    "Ggrrr..... I'm a dinosaur!"
  6. It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

    It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

    Snoopy, Linus, and Sally in the pumpkin field
  7. Tom

    TV Recommend Halloween Episodes for the Month

    Seems like just about every long running TV show has at least one good episode for Halloween. Which ones are the best. I remember one from Buffy The Vampire Slayer that was pretty decent. With today's ability to see just about anything anytime the sky is the limit. Recommend the episodes that...
  8. Tom

    Movies Recommend A Movie: Scary Halloween Month Favs

    Everybody knows that the Halloween Series of movies are supposed to be played during October. Just like the Friday the 13th movies het played over Friday the 13th weekends. What movies do YOU recommend for October?
  9. Earthlings are pretty messed up!

    Earthlings are pretty messed up!

  10. Azhria Lilu


    #Halloween is just around the corner - the time of year where people think they're going to get haunted by ghosts and suchlike. Do you celebrate Halloween, go trick or treating, terrify the neighbourhood or just hide indoors?