1. T.J.Wolf

    Aliens Out-Of-Place-Artifacts

    Ivan T. Sanderson coined the term Out-Of-Place-Artifact to describe an anomalous object found in a geological formation where it should not be located, according to conventional science--because it is "too advanced" for the time period. Discovery often leads to speculation about alien...
  2. Kevin

    Drama Something the Lord Made (2004)

    Something the Lord Made is a 2004 movie by HBO based on the life of Vivien Thomas. Thomas was a black American, the grandson of a slave, who during the US Great Depression of the 1930's, rose from being hired as janitor to eventually being in charge of teaching new doctors at John Hopkins...
  3. P

    Musings of a rusted sailor

    Rusted sailor (arhtleftis, my left hip) I am writing Sci-Fi novels for my children and grandchildren. Looking at today's publishing world it will be hard to get them published, no existential conflict. Just a serial adventure. explorers out finding new planets. For the traditionalist there are...
  4. Kevin

    British Mini Submarines in WWII

    I've always been fascinated by the Japanese mini-submarines from WWII. Not necessarily due to their technology but more so out of the curiosity of finding out about them because they had been considered a 'Top Secret' item that had not been generally known from the war; at the least, they sure...
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