1. Tom

    Comedy The Art of Watching "BAD" Movies

    The Art of Watching "BAD" Movies Think SyFy, Asylum, 'Mock'Busters & UnCork'd (to name a few) Perfectly Suitable for Making Fun and Jeering Sometimes "So Bad It's Good" but more often just BAD. Personally, I've been diagnosed with a sickness which causes me to have to watch these movies...
  2. Kevin

    Comedy "But there's an Animal in the attic." (Geico Muppets commercial)

    As a homeowner and lifelong Muppets fan, this makes me laugh. :D
  3. Kevin

    Comedy If "Google" was a guy...

    I came across this one, thought it was funny. Somebody really needs to introduce these folks to Incognito Mode. :D
  4. julirew

    Terra! Tara! Terror! anthology

    Third Flatiron presents "Terra! Tara! Terror!" a new anthology of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and humor short stories. Twenty-seven international authors give free rein to their imaginations to explore speculative fiction themes ranging from the #MeToo political movement, magical realism...
  5. Thingy

    Animation Alien Entrepreneur

  6. Tom

    Comedy Caption This Picture

    Well, You have heard of The Chipmunks, We're The Beavers See that Frog over there? Yeah... He's LGBT... Its almost time Barry For what Lou? To Take Over The World! I knew we shouldn't have eaten those Mushrooms! So.., Trump or Clinton? ...Who Cares? We're Beavers! DAMN!
  7. Tom

    Movies Horror Movie Wisdom

    Reposted from multiple places on the Web. Lets see if we can add to it, shall we...
  8. Tom

    Sci-Fi Scifi Movie Wisdom

    Lets see if I can come up with something.... Glowing blue dust crystals made from embryonic fluids that make you use more of your brain is hard to come by. Always steal as much as you can whenever you find it. When fighting someone with a light sabre, bring a mirror shield. Never poke a...
  9. M

    TV Buffy/Whedonverse Drunk Trivia Tonight on HyperRPG

    Hey Everybody, Just wanted to invite anyone interested to HyperRPG's Trivia-Hops tonight. It's Drinking + Comedy + Trivia. This week they are doing Buffy/Whedonverse drunk trivia live at 6:00PM PST (9:00PM EST) at - It's pretty fun so just wanted to throw that out there...
  10. julirew

    Sci-Fi Keystone Chronicles from Third Flatiron

    Third Flatiron has released its Fall/Winter 2016 anthology, Keystone Chronicles, which has as its theme keystone events. Featuring 19 international authors, highlights include "Our Problem Child: Langerfeld the Moon" by Marilyn K. Martin, "Hunt Unrelenting" by Sierra July, and "Coding Haven" by...
  11. Randal R.

    Politics Real News.Real Funny

    Hey, since the world is going to end, may as well have a laugh at it. Some lil ditty's I have made on current affairs...ewps, did I say Affairs. ( Ted Cruz)(Bill Clinton) I have had many funny ideas I would like to put to video, but that is an effort to do, and not really worth it for a joke...
  12. Kevin

    Comedy Cookie Monster baking cookies with Siri

    It's been a while since an Apple ad has made me smile. This add with Cookie Monster baking cookies with help from Siri reminds me so much of our kitchen here at the house when something good is in the oven. :D
  13. Tom

    Sports Winter Activities

    I remember back in the 60s when all of the neighborhood kids would gather at old man Winston's hill and have hours of fun sled riding. Mr Winston even put a barrel on cement blocks at the top of the hill so we could have night fires to stay warm. In the 70s, I used to hitch rides around town by...
  14. Kevin

    Photography The Truth Behind Social Media Online Pics

    Do you have those friends that always seem to be posting just the 'perfect' picture of them enjoying life on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media sites? If so this video from a group in Vietnam shows what goes into them. No translation needed. :D
  15. Starbeast from Planet X

    Comedy Funny Stuff Videos & Pics

    Funny Stuff Contribute your funny videos or pictures here.
  16. This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop

    This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop

    This Unicorn shows the effects of improper toilet posture and how it can affect your health. Squatty Potty. I don't know why but this makes me hungry for some rainbow ice cream.
  17. Jurassic World Trailer (1978)

    Jurassic World Trailer (1978)

    What if Jurassic World came out in 1978? :D PLOT: Science has found a way to make extinction a thing of the past. Welcome to Jurassic World! The most advanced amusement park in the entire world.
  18. Tom

    Comedy Peanuts (Motion Comics)

    Peanuts (Motion Comics) - 1.2 hrs.mp4 Peanuts Motion Comics is a series of animated cartoon shorts based on 1964 strips of Charles Schulz comic strip Peanuts. by zzwildbillzz duration: 1:09:09 size: 201.74mb resolution: 960x720 posted: 1 year ago bitrate: 50 kb/s type: flash
  19. Kevin

    TV Galaxy Quest (Amazon TV series)

    Well, now, this is a bit unexpected. The Galaxy Quest movie has always stood out to me as one of this works that didn't require a sequel or any other updates, it's a stand-alone work that is still funny no matter how many times I watch it and the satire of the genre still holds true. Amazon...
  20. Jethro

    So applied to UNE's criminology school

    Had a bit of a mind spasm and decided a degree in Criminology and Psychology would be a hoot. They haven't outright turned me down yet, asked for additional documents which I sent yesterday. Be interesting to see what they think, fingers crossed as the course covers a lot of deviant behaviour...