1. Pink Flamingo Attack!

    Pink Flamingo Attack!

    Watch out, Florida! They could attack any moment!
  2. Tom

    If ....****.... Could Talk?

    What if animals, plants and things could talk? What would they say? Termites: "Have you ever ate a pine tree or sucked on a soggy 2x4?" Your TV: "STOP Staring at Me!" Stop Sign near a Cop Shop: "I Got The Power!"
  3. Kevin

    Snowpocalypse Snowperbole

    For everybody who has been warned of a huge snow storm only to be let down by nothing but an inch or two of snow, you have been a victim of Snowperbole! :LOL: (via Instagram)
  4. The Interview (2014)

    Comedy The Interview (2014)

    Title: The Interview Tagline: The Film Hackers Tried To Get Banned Genre: Action, Comedy Director: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg Cast: James Franco, Seth Rogen, Lizzy Caplan, Randall Park, Diana Bang, Timothy Simons, Reese Alexander, James Yi, Paul Bae, Geoff Gustafson, Dominique...
  5. Tom

    Drunken Sports

    I was doing some memory road with a friend today and realised that in my college days I did a lot of drunken activities with my dorm mates. What kind of Drunken Games did you do when you were youthful and foolish? Me? Well... Drunken Mud Football Drunken River Football Kegger Trashcan Basket...
  6. Kevin

    Snoopy Writes a Novel

    I wish it really did work that way! :D
  7. Kevin

    Comedy Paddington Bear

    Paddington (tt1109624) I had no idea that a live-action & CGI version of a Paddington Bear movie was being worked on! :eek: But, now that I do know, I'll be watching it when it becomes available for streaming. Growing up I loved both Paddington and Winnie the Pooh so even though it's a kids...
  8. Ghostbusters (1984)

    Comedy Ghostbusters (1984)

    Title: Ghostbusters Tagline: They ain't afraid of no ghost. Genre: Comedy, Fantasy Director: Ivan Reitman Cast: Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis, Annie Potts, William Atherton, Ernie Hudson, David Margulies, Steven Tash, Jennifer Runyon, Slavitza...
  9. Warlock

    No Long Shlong for Ong......

    Malaysian man comes up short after buying £100 penis enlarger online... but gets sent a £5 magnifying glass with warning 'Do not use in sunlight' Man, named only as Ong, spent £100 online on penis enlarger When it arrived he found the box contained a £5 magnifying glass He has complained but...
  10. Azhria Lilu

    Texas Restaurant That Refused 'Fag' Customers Touted As Gay Bar Online

    I think this is hilarious (not what the waitress did, but the response). Good for the LGBT Community! :D A Texas restaurant that refused to serve "fag" customers is now getting some positive reviews online for being a "gay bar." Internet users have taken to Yelp to write reviews about Big...
  11. Kevin

    Mtv Cribs - Star Wars Edition

    Remember the old "MTV Cribs" show where the used to show how celebrity houses? Turns out that Stormtroopers get paid pretty well it seems! Well, at least TK-429, known to his friends as Supernova, does. While "Sector 21, Coruscant" bears a remarkable resemblance to Southern California, don't...
  12. Azhria Lilu

    Trivial things that annoy the felgercarb out of you!

    This is a thread just for venting about those little irks - nothing major, just the trivial stuff in life. Like.. for example... Paloma Faith's latest song "Only Love Can Hurt Like This". Damn it, I bet if I punched her in the face that'd hurt a hell of a lot more than bloody love! Go...
  13. Kevin

    Zombie Chocolate Bunnies!

    Perfect for Easter, zombie chocolate bunnies! :LOL:
  14. D

    Hilarious STAR WARS: Wreckingball Parody

    LMAO! Its pretty hilarious, and slightly disturbing! A must see.
  15. Melissa

    Flying Saucers ad

    Hey all, I was tasked to do a group project on 'Flying Saucer' candy! Would be glad if you could check it out and let me know what you think of it :) Enjoy !
  16. Azhria Lilu

    North Korea lands man on the sun - apparently!

    What can I say really other than laugh hysterically. THE STATE News Agency of North Korea has confirmed today that the country has become the first in the world to ever land a man on the sun. It reported that astronaut Hung Il Gong left for the sun on a specially designed rocket ship at...
  17. AWalkerBit.Me

    What is your witch name?

  18. Azhria Lilu

    Reasons for admission to an asylum.

    This is possibly one of the funniest things I've ever seen (if a little disturbing). What ARE some of these things? Bad Whiskey? Female Disease? Hard Study? What the hell is Hard Study????
  19. Kouin

    The Three Word Story

    I know how to resolve posts and threads made in error! W00t! DJ, you should know what to do. Each post, add a bit to the story. No more than three words or else a large burly service man will come to your house and rip your computer out of the wall. :) I will begin: One rainy day...
  20. Martin

    Comedy We're the Millers

    So this movie had me crying out of laughter at times. It's not necessarily a great movie, not by any stretch but it fills it's purpose. Other than showing off that rocking body of Jennifer Aniston the movie is funny. It's awkward, weird, up-beat and funny all at the same time.