1. The Brick Artisan

    I made a spaceship!

    I'm happy with how it turned out! I've submitted it to Lego Ideas - if it gets 10,000 votes it has the chance of being made into a real Lego set! I would really appreciate your support if you like this - just click here - should take 30 seconds to sign up and support :)...
  2. Captain Mutant

    LEGO Ideas sci-fi project needs help

    Hello all. I haven’t asked in a while, but I thought if I were to ask again, now’s the perfect opportunity. I created a space outpost out of LEGO bricks and posted it on LEGO Ideas, a site where people submit their designs and if enough add their support to it, LEGO designers will look at it...
  3. DivingFaces

    Sci-Fi LEGO IDEAS - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND LEGO IDEAS - Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Any support would be greatly appreciated. You can support this creation at the following link - SUPPORT HERE ! With enough Support this could become a REAL LEGO set. Please feel free to share...
  4. DivingFaces

    Sci-Fi [Lego Ideas] Flying Saucer - (UFO)

    Firstly, I hope you don't mind me posting this! It is my version of the classic Flying Saucer which I have built and submitted to Lego Ideas. The Flying Saucer piloted by the Greys - Luckily it didn't crash this time! Ready to explore the far reaches of space (and Earth now and again!)...
  5. Captain Mutant

    Sci-Fi LEGO Toy Concept

    Hello everyone I'm new here so I hope I'm not doing something I shouldn't be doing... :) I've been a huge sci-fi fan since I was 7, growing up on Star Trek reruns (TOS, when there was no need to call it TOS ;) My appetite has grown since then and enjoy many varied adventures. One thing I did as...
  6. Robby

    Collectibles A new LEGO set honors the women of NASA—and it looks pretty awesome

    A new LEGO set honors the women of NASA—and it looks pretty awesome Enlarge / Margaret Hamilton holds a LEGO figure of ... herself. (credit: LEGO) A new playset from LEGO will honor four key women in NASA history—astronomer Nancy Grace Roman, computer scientist Margaret Hamilton, and...