1. Robby

    Space What Does Trump Mean By 'Space Force'?

    What Does Trump Mean By 'Space Force'? (Article by Marina Koren at The Atlantic) (More at
  2. Xiggy

    Aliens Navy Pilots Encountered A UFO In 2015, According To Newly-Released Defense Documents

    (Article by Aaron Homer at The Inquisitr News) U.S. Navy pilots encountered an unidentified flying object (UFO) off the East Coast in 2015, according to newly-released video from the Department of Defense that is now being analyzed by a private UFO research group. As Yahoo News reports, Dr...
  3. HonorConPromo

    HonorCon 2016

    I am posting for HonorCon 2016, a convention in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our guest of honor this year is Claudia Christian. In addition to our 5....yes FIVE....main Literary guests: Dr. Charles Gannon, David Weber, Greg Cox, Chris Nuttall and Steve White AND we are busting at the seams with more...
  4. julirew

    Sci-Fi Military Scifi/Space Opera anthology: Hyperpowers

    Third Flatiron has released its Summer 2016 anthology, Hyperpowers, with military SF and space opera themes. Highlights include "Grid Drop" by William Huggins, "Dirt Moon" by Dan Koboldt, and "Yesterday's Weapon" by Noel Ayers. Some funny stuff in here too. Guest edited by Bascomb James...
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