1. D

    Sci-Fi Cable movie <?> about nobody having opinions

    Hi! I watched a movie several years ago that was modern, but filmed in B/W on occasion. Nobody could call toys 'toys' they were called entertainment products. People were not referred to as they are these days. The people lived in a very futuristic type arena, with tubes and giant biospheres. I...
  2. Tom

    My 2020 Christmas Movie Playlist

    So Far this is what I have ready to watch (still currently working on it) Note: A bit heavy on the Christmas Horror but I'm working on that too. *12 Disasters of Christmas (2012) e quinn syfy *A Cadaver Christmas (2011) dr hale hs dorsey hor *A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) ~ bluray a...
  3. Tom

    Horror My 2020 Shocktober Movie Playlist

    Preliminaries are done (all movies unzipped & foldered). Still working on the notepad listing. Two screenshots (if you can see them). I resized them to fit on the page. Same folder - two pics, one top one bottom view. Top Bottom Title listing forthcoming as soon as I get it written...
  4. R

    The lost fleet by Jack Campbell

    Does anyone know when they are going to make a movie about the book The lost fleet ~ Jack Campbell heard they were going to shoot a movie soon , this is my favorite SciFi book of all time , who else is with me