1. Lemonade ray gun

    Laser battle of the Cosmic Disco girls

    New music video, filled with retro sci-fi references and girls blasting each other.
  2. Tom

    Music 2016 Scrobbling

    January 15th, 2016 12:00 noon Start scrobbling my entire music library to Last.Fm tomishereagain’s Library — Users at Stats: Top 5s 745 artists, 21,130 plays & 4,747 loved tracks My Top 5 Artists: 1. Nazareth 572 plays 2. Scorpions 566 plays 3. Michael Stanley 529 plays 4. Shooting...
  3. Kevin

    Music Cheaper to buy CD than MP3?

    OK, this is something I don't get. As an Amazon Prime member when I purchase a music CD it comes with the MP3 versions for free. Shipping is also free. So why would the physical CD be cheaper than buying the digital MP3 only option?! Even without the Prime benefits shouldn't physical goods...
  4. Jethro

    Music Ms Courtney Barnett

    Latest single from first album.
  5. Tom

    Music The Mind's Eye

    As an added Bonus Found the old Dazzle movie by Jonn Serrie as well but its at Internet Archive Dazzle : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  6. Randal R.

    Music Videos-fan made animations

    Hello again. thought maybe I would add some Music Style Videos I have created at some point in history. Just a few. Perfect Strangers-Deep Purple The words tell of the sorrow of remaining "perfect strangers" after the end of a relationship. It is one of the few Deep Purple songs not to feature...
  7. Randal R.

    Sci-Fi Boston Spaceship-The Journey Home

    Hello all. Brand new to forums. Am a graduate of M.O.U. <> My Own University<> Also a degree from Google University...:) Self taught-learning 3d Cinema4d since late 2009. I would like to post my Battlestar-The Warrior's Toll, but it aint done yet... Thought some may like this video that I done...
  8. Kevin

    Teens Watch '90s Music Videos For The First Time

    I wonder what their reaction would have been to the day-glo looks in the 80's... :oldman:
  9. Tom

    Bjorn Lynne

    In the Cool Fantasy side of things you might find some of Bjorn Lynne's music fittng your mood. Welcome to the official Bjørn Lynne site. I've been lucky enough to have had my music used in TV programmes such as BBC "Meet the Ancestors", CBS "60 Minutes" and many others, in independent films...
  10. Tom

    Animusic 3 is in Production

    A Note From Animusic We're solidly in the FUNDED zone. In fact, you propelled us towards a brief visit to the #2 Slot of Kickstarter's MOST FUNDED Projects (in ANIMATION). We think our backers are pretty awesome! Thank you. I...
  11. Kevin

    "WKRP in Cincinnati" on DVD

    Fans of the TV show WKRP in Cincinnati (1978-1982) will be happy to find out that a new DVD collection is being released that includes all of the original songs used on series. Often, due to licensing rights, when TV shows go into syndication and home release (VHS, DVD, etc.) the original music...
  12. Kevin

    Music Airwolf TV show theme using floppy disk drives

    I was going back & forth between posting this one here in the music forum versus the tech forum since it combines both. YouTube user MrSolidSnake745 has gained a reputation for his videos where he uses old disk drives to recreate music clips. Some come out better than others. His recreation...
  13. Tom

    Use A Music Video To Express Your Current Mood

    I feel In Control
  14. Webster

    Internet Music Stations

    I've asked this particular topic on a couple of forums, so I figured I'd ask here as well... :cool: With as many different music outlets out there on the Internets, which ones are good...which ones aren't...which ones do we tend to avoid and which ones do we use on a regular basis? :) Major...
  15. Kevin

    Music Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol.1

    In Guardians of the Galaxy music plays a key part in the development of Star Lord. You'll have to see the movie, or read the comics, to find out why but if you like some good 70's music or were inspired by the movie then this post is for you! :D You can purchase the entire album at Amazon...
  16. Kevin

    Music Kids React to Sony Walkman

    I still recall saving enough money from my paper route to save enough money to buy a cassette recorder from Radio Shack to listen to music on. It was about the length of a shoe box and about half the height of it. There was only a single speaker so no stereo music but it did the job. I...
  17. Kevin

    Music Strange Advance - Worlds Away (from Almost Human and Fringe)

    While watching Almost Human one of the things that has caught my attention with the show is the music. JJ Abrams, a producer on Almost Human, was also the creative force behind Fringe which was known to use some interesting song choices such as "Only You" by Yazoo. Either Abrams or somebody in...
  18. Sheldon

    Happy Birthday Johnny Cash!!!

    It doesn't get any better...
  19. Sheldon

    Each video released, Lzzy Hale gets hotter!

  20. Sheldon

    My current favorite song....