1. Tarzan: The Epic Adventures

    Fantasy Tarzan: The Epic Adventures

    Title: Tarzan: The Epic Adventures Genre: Action & Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Creator: Edgar Rice Burroughs Cast: Joe Lara, Aaron Seville, Lydie Denier, Andrew Divoff, Dennis Christopher, Ralph Wilcox, Angela Harry First aired: 1996-08-28 Overview: Tarzan: The Epic...
  2. Tom

    Fantasy Wonder Woman Mythology Movie Series Idea

    I recently had an idea for another movie series theme like the DC comic/Marvel/Monsterverse/Dark Universe series themes. It has to do with the mythology of Wonder Woman and Justice League. Specifically focusing on the Gods and Titans of history. The first film in the series titled "Gods &...
  3. Kevin

    Fantasy Gods of Egypt (2016)

    As I kid I loved watching all kinds of movies; sci-fi, mysteries, horror, dramas, and... fantasy. The Ray Harryhausen movies always were fun, from the stop-motion creatures to the armor that was polished so bright it was mirror-like. The special effects weren't exactly the best, the actors...
  4. secretsliesintheseeyes

    Paranormal Animals

    ok these 2 videos contain "paranormal" animals and mythical animals are they real or fake i can't tell by myself maybe you can help