1. Kevin

    Nintendo Pokemon Go (Android & iOS)

    Well, I installed Pokemon Go on my Android phone just to see what the fuss is about. For those not familiar with the game it is an augmented reality (AR, not VR) game for Android & iOS devices that uses real world locations to 'catch' Pokemon creatures and to fight (virtually of course) other...
  2. Azhria Lilu


    I mean, maybe it's just me, but I don't get it. The graphics are felgercarb, the gameplay is boring and not a little tedious but so many people I know (my kids included) are addicted to the thing. What am I missing about this game that everyone else seems to see but I don't? #minecraft
  3. Voodoo Wasp

    Nintendo Pokemon X&Y for Nintendo 3DS

    I didn't see any thread about the newest Pokemon game that's going to be released worldwide on October this year for 3DS, so I decided I should make one :whistle: Are you going to buy it (or the 3DS if you don't have it already)? Here's the latest trailer (as you may have noticed the game is...
  4. Valentino

    Nintendo Zombies Ate My Neighbours

    This game is for the SNES :P It's old, but it was tons of fun. Anyone play this game?
  5. Tim

    Nintendo (UK) Wii: Doctor Who - Sonic Screwdriver controller on sale

    Rakuten £9.99 inc p&p Probably still time to get it for xmas.
  6. Tim

    Nintendo Nintendo 3DS price dropping shortly - President takes 50% pay cut

    Nintendo President Takes Pay Cut In Wake Of 3DS' Troubles In an effort to ensure the device does not fail in the recession, a few changes are coming in relation to pricing.
  7. Starbeast from Planet X

    Nintendo Doom - SNES

    DOOM SNES Anyone else remember this classic system game?
  8. Tim

    Nintendo Nintendo 3DS battery limitations- really that bad?

    Cradled by inadequacy: the 3DS battery put to the test 4.5hrs usage, 3.5hrs to charge. Do you really want your kids playing more than a couple of hours a day on this unit? Surely there's a limit that we'd set for our kids? The 3D issues with eyesight/brain are a worry enough as it is...
  9. Robby

    Nintendo Famicombox is an old NES with 15 cartridges built in

    Famicombox is an old NES with 15 cartridges built in (Via DVICE)
  10. D

    Nintendo Pokemon

    What Do You Think Of It
  11. Robby

    Nintendo Metroid Prime Pinball Review [DS] (GameSpot)

    Metroid Prime Pinball successfully pulls off the insanely ingenious concept of merging the distinct look and feel of Nintendo's sci-fi adventure series with a great game of pinball. [Full article @ Yahoo Sci-Fi]
  12. Robby

    Nintendo 'Atari Classics' Due For DS

    Atari will release Retro Atari Classics, a collection of old-school arcade video games, for the Nintendo DS, the company announced. [Full article @ Sci-Fi Wire]