1. Camera Store (2016)

    Drama Camera Store (2016)

    Title: Camera Store Genre: Drama Director: Scott Marshall Smith Cast: John Larroquette, John Rhys-Davies, Cheryl Ladd, David James Elliott, Laura Silverman, Paul Ben-Victor Release: 2016-12-09 Runtime: 99 Plot: On the eve of the transition from film to digital, the longtime...
  2. Robby

    Space Memory card of NASA camera destroyed in launch captures fiery final moments

    Memory card of NASA camera destroyed in launch captures fiery final moments (Article by Fox News at The New York Post) A NASA photographer was able to salvage a camera’s memory card and watch the final moments before the device was engulfed in flames while filming a launch at a California air...
  3. Polaroid (2017)

    Horror Polaroid (2017)

    Title: Polaroid Director: Aurelien Rapatel Release: 2017-01-01 Runtime: 5 Plot: This Polaroid hides a secret.
  4. Kevin

    Horror Polaroid (2017) [short film]

    Why do a lot horror films/shows that have something to do with photography usually involves an old Kodak Polaroid camera? Is it supposed to be more suspenseful that the danger is only shown after waiting for the film to develop and usually with somebody watching it waiting for the development...
  5. Kevin

    Photography Photography Enthusiasts

    Any others into photography as a hobby? I'm upgrading my Canon Rebel T4i this week to a Canon 77D. The 77D is essentially a Rebel; for whatever reason instead of releasing both a Rebel T7 and a Rebel T7i like they've done in the past with all of the prior rebels they released a T7i only and...
  6. Tom

    Sci-Fi Bokeh (2015)

    104 min | Drama, Sci-Fi | 2015 (USA) Bokeh (2015) - IMDb On a romantic getaway to Iceland, a young American couple wake up one morning to discover every person on earth has disappeared. Their struggle to survive and to reconcile the mysterious event lead them to reconsider everything they...
  7. Tom

    Photography Gigapan - Gigapixel Photography

    AWESOME - Zoom in and keep on zooming One World Trade Center View with Spire About This Gigapan Taken by Michael Franz Explore score61 Size 5.18 Gigapixels Views 15347 Date added Mar 27, 2014 Date taken Sep 28, 2013 Galleries World Trade Center Tags TIME Magazine, wtc, World Trade Center, ny...
  8. Kevin

    Photography Street Photography Inception

    "Hey, look, a troll doll in a window! I have to get a photo!" "Hey, look, a guy taking a picture of a troll doll in a window! I have to get photo!" "Hey, look, a guy taking a picture of a guy taking a picture of a troll doll in a window! I have to get a photo!" "Hey, look, a guy taking a...
  9. A

    Photography Some of my photography

    Yes, these are my images. You can view more at my site
  10. S

    Photography Top photography tips

    The contest between film cameras and digital cameras is relatively fresh. How come? Three mega pixels digital cameras have an array of choices for consumers, which is already comparable to a high quality point and shoot models. Nowadays, the same thing goes with five mega pixels digital models...
  11. jamesbala

    Photography Nikon - Understanding Digital Photography - video tutorial

    Nikon - Understanding Digital Photography --------------------------------------------------------------------- Bob Krist makes an excellent video on the basics of the digital photography. Nikon Understanding Digital photography by Bob Krist is an excellent video tutorial for the...
  12. jamesbala

    Photography Black and White Photography

    All you gotta do is to share some real good Grayscale images.. and comment to others Nudity / Religious / Political images arent allowed OK here we go now!
  13. jamesbala

    Photography Share your photography.

    Here are some images I took that I liked.
  14. Misc Web stuff

    Misc Web stuff

    Hayden Planetarium
  15. Kevin

    Feedback New forum/gallery for photography?

    As I shop around to replace my trusty, but old, digital camera I realized that Creative Imaginations could just as well encompass original photography. Now while original photography wouldn't necessarily be related to the sci-fi/fantasy genres, unless, of course, you happen to get a picture...
  16. A

    Photography Photography

    Does anyone here like photography? I like photography, but not seriously. I don't practice my photographic skills, but I am my school's yearbook photographer. I have a Kodak DX4900. I wanna get a Canon Powershot S60 or a Canon Powershot Pro 1 for more manual features, but it's not in my...