1. Kevin

    Star Wars Pinball: The Force Awakens

    I used to play 3D Pinball Space Cadet on Windows for hours back in the days of Windows 95 & Windows 98. Having recently gotten back into the Star Wars state of mind after catching The Force Awakens at the theater the announcement of a Star Wars pinball game caught my attention. :D Zen...
  2. Azhria Lilu


    I mean, maybe it's just me, but I don't get it. The graphics are felgercarb, the gameplay is boring and not a little tedious but so many people I know (my kids included) are addicted to the thing. What am I missing about this game that everyone else seems to see but I don't? #minecraft
  3. Sheldon

    Playstation Playstation 4

    Who's getting it? I know somebody who is!!!!!!!! :thumbsup: :whistling:
  4. Sheldon

    Playstation The Walking Dead PS3 Trophy Listing

  5. Starbeast from Planet X

    Playstation PS2: Cold Fear (2005)

    Surprisingly good horror game, I played this last night during a thunder storm. Game intro
  6. J

    Playstation How many of you have ps3

    how many of you have ps3 or a mobile phone:confused:
  7. Robby

    Playstation The PS2 Is Now Officially An Open Platform [Sony]

    The PS2 Is Now Officially An Open Platform [Sony] (Via Kotaku)
  8. Robby

    Playstation Japanese Site: It's Time To Talk PS4 [Rumor]

    Japanese Site: It's Time To Talk PS4 [Rumor] (Via Kotaku)
  9. Tom

    Playstation Playstation 9 - The Future of Gaming

  10. Tom

    Playstation PS3 Concept images

    PS3 Concepts, Some of these are pretty KOOL! Theres more at the site