1. Space Cowboy Books

    Simultaneous Times SF podcast 4 year anniversary episode

    Special 4 Year Anniversary Episode with stories from the pages of Sci-Fi Lampoon Magazine - Sci-Fi Lampoon Magazine – Ad Risum Per Astros - Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast players, or find it here Space Cowboy Books Presents: Simultaneous Times Stories featured in this episode...
  2. Tom

    Escape Artists - Fiction Podcasts

    Been a bit busy on my forum lately. I just finished a podcast thread for Escape Artists in Podcasts and Web-Series audio in GhostTown Soundwaves. Thought I would share it with y'all cause not only did I put work into the thread It IS Great audio fiction with the short stories included. Right in...
  3. Shatner121

    Any cool Sci Fi related Podcasts?

    This is mine :) be great for you to follow ! I would also love to follow others!
  4. throughscifipod

    Sci-Fi New Sci Fi Film Podcast - Journey Through Sci-Fi

    Hi all, We've just started a new podcast looking at Sci-Fi films. Each series we are going to be looking a different sub-genre of Sci-Fi in film. This series we are looking at artificial intelligence and exploring how ideas and views on A.I. have changed over the years. We are up on most...
  5. Space Cowboy Books

    Sci-Fi Call for Submissions: Simultaneous Times Podcast

    I'm looking for new writers for my science fiction podcast: Simultaneous Times. Looking for stories 1000-2500 words in length. Pays $10 a story. While I take a broad definition of SF I am somewhat picky about the stories I choose so please listen to a few episodes before submitting. Submissions...
  6. Space Cowboy Books

    Sci-Fi Simultaneous Times SF Podcast

    Simultaneous Times is a monthly podcast featuring science and speculative fiction by contemporary authors from California's high-desert and beyond. Each episode includes multiple stories, all accompanied by original soundtracks by contemporary experimental musicians. Themes vary from classic and...
  7. Allan V Maro

    Horror Monsters, Maniacs and More

    If you're into horror, scifi or fantasy, which if you're reading this you probably are, then here's a podcast I started that features original stories on those subjects and more, read by the author himself. From aliens, to demons and mythical beings, there's something for everyone. It's still...
  8. B

    Imaginauts (A Podcasting Adventure)

    Hey guys! We're sci-fi lovers, we're Australian, and we're podcasters. We'd also love to get your honest feedback, and if you like us, to keep listening...
  9. ryanseanoreilly

    Review "the Lathe Of Heaven" By Ursula K. Le Guin (4 1/2 Stars) - Podcast

    A refreshing philosophical exploration into high-concept esoteric questions draped in all the brilliant colors of science fiction. This is a tale rooted in the exploration of hubris in its broadest sense. Whatever array of the political spectrum you subscribe too, the story will speak to you...
  10. ryanseanoreilly

    Review: “Roadside Picnic” by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky (5 Stars) - podcast

    A moody morass rallying against the gray walls of reality, in perfect tone. This book lilts like a weather-beaten gravestone, sunk in a forest cemetery littered amongst the broken fragments of classic science fiction tropes. Originality shines through in the story line and voice of the authors...
  11. ryanseanoreilly

    Review "Lair of the White Worm" - Bram Stoker (podcast)

    A meandering gothic tale of wormish fiends, overshadowed by a giant kite and frequent supper respites. Written just before the author’s death, many reviewers have speculated that the writing suffered horribly as a result. There are seemingly random point-of-view switches (not set off by...
  12. ryanseanoreilly

    Sci-Fi Review: "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" by Jack Finney

    Interesting concepts that provide creepy fun for the whole pod to enjoy. The author loosely develops a fascinating concept that later provided a veritable sandbox of inspirations and interpretations for years of analysis. This book has been combed over for allegorical meanings through the...
  13. ryanseanoreilly

    Sci-Fi Book Review: "1984" George Orwell (podcast)

    Review: "Nineteen Eighty-Four" by George Orwell (5 Stars) Ages like a fine wine with a dark, full-bodied harbinger of doom, increasing with relevance as each year goes by. What can be said about this book that has not already been said? Orwell’s despondent view of an evil utopia hits all the...
  14. ryanseanoreilly

    Sci-Fi Book Review: "The Martian" by Andy Weir (podcast)

    140 million leagues under the blackness of space, Jules Verne is reborn…this time with a sense of humor and irreverent references to pop culture. Through a series of journal entries, the protagonist of this story relays a first person account that chronicles the trials and tribulations of being...