1. S

    Politics cancer

    some of you may have wondered where I've gone, I know I haven't been online in a really long time. I have to admit I've been busy, but at the same time I've been going through one of the most difficult events in my life. Feel free to share your stories here also, because I'm having a difficult...
  2. N

    Politics Newsweek

    After reporting on the desecration of a copy of the Koren, Newsweek has withdrawn the story. With Anti-Americanism running rampant in the world already and instability in many countries across the world, such newsweek not have got its facts right before publication. I'm not saying to cover up...
  3. Alias_Gay

    Politics Hugging Ban Sparks Dispute at Ore. School

    You gotta be kidding me ... :wacko:
  4. Jamison

    Politics The Most Dangerous Gang in America

    I was just curious if anyone has heard of the MS-13 or Mara Salvatrucha gang. They've been called the most dangerous gang in America and are seriously on the rise. I've heard a lot about it because there are a ton of them located in North Carolina...especially Charlotte and have been...
  5. Jamison

    Politics Army Recruiting Scandals

    Recruiting for the military is down...and understandably so (we are at war with Americans dying every day)...but this is plain awful. I saw an interview with an ex-army recruiter who said that he recruited about 75 people during his time and that at least 98% of them were recruited under false...
  6. Jamison

    Politics New Florida Gun Law

    This seems really bothersome to me. I saw an expert talk about it, and he said under the guidelines which give you permission to shoot if you feel threatened, then if you even think that someone is pulling a gun on you (when they may be going for a cell phone) then you can legally shoot them.
  7. L

    Politics Russia Said to Uncover Spying by 4 Nations

    I just found this interesting. Comments?
  8. Jamison

    Politics Illegal Immigrants Getting Tuition Breaks

    Thought this was rather interesting...especially with the new bill on the Government giving money to hospitals to cover illegal immigrant's medical costs.
  9. N

    Politics Happy VE Day

    60 years ago today, German and British officers led by Montey signed the offical surrender that ended the Second World War. Lets take a minute to rember the 2 million French and million British soldiers who never came home (sorry I don't know how many Americans didn't come home) Think about...
  10. Jamison

    Politics Thrown Out of Church for being a Democrat...

    Though not religious, I've kind of taken an interest in this topic because it's not all that far from where I live. I understand that a church technically doesn't have to serve everyone, but it seems ridiculous to kick members out because of their political party. Your thoughts?
  11. M

    Politics CIA Moving to Denver

    Just wondering if you all had any comments on this. It seems like a very...sudden and unexpected concept to me...
  12. M

    Politics Flag-burning

    well I'm giving a speech on flag-burning, and, until now, I never realized what a big issue it is. i started this thread so I could see all sides of the conflict. personally I'm all for Flag-burning rights, but i would never do it.
  13. A

    Politics Globalization

    we had a debate about this at school--it's a really good one to get into: is globalization: good: helps world economies, creates jobs, makes money, spreads ideas, enhances technologies etc etc bad: goes against human rights (sweat shops etc), is actually "Americanization," also called...
  14. M

    Politics Runaway Bride

    For those of you who haven't heard a woman in Georgia went missing a few days before her wedding. She turned up in New Mexico claiming she was kidnapped, but later admitted she just got cold feet. What do you think should be done about it?
  15. J

    Politics Anne Frank: The Whole Story

    Not really sure this should go here or in the movies but what the heck. I know that this is not a recent event but i don't really care. Anne Frank: The Whole Story is not really a movie but a TV miniseries. A documentary on Anne Frank. It wasn't like the documantaries you see on PBS. Even though...
  16. Jamison

    Politics North Korea

    It was announced today that North Korea has conducted a test firing of short-range missiles. Given this information, and the growing threat of their assumed nuclear capabilities, what, if anything do you guys think needs to be done?
  17. J

    Politics The end

    Who believes that now or some time in the distant future that the world will no longer exist?
  18. G

    Politics War in Iraq...Vain or not?

    For a school deabte. Please post your opinions. thanks much! Kara
  19. Jamison

    Politics Presidential News Conference

    Just wanted to see what everyone thought about the news conference this evening (if you watched it). I, for one, was not impressed, and felt he contradicted himself numerous times. Your take?
  20. J

    Politics Christianity + Rock

    I think that this is a serious topic, but thats my opinion. Not trying to put down Christianity. Not offense if it offends anyone.