1. Kevin

    Do you keep boxes from stuff like game consoles & computers?

    The number of empty boxes here at the house are really starting to pile up. Between computers, game consoles, phones, cameras, and misc. electronics there are enough empty boxes that somebody could use them to pack up a small house. But are they worth keeping around? Do you keep your boxes...
  2. returntojetstream3000

    Request Your Assistance with some Philip K. Dick

    On a fateful birthday about a decade ago, I was going to invest in a gift to myself and get the Library of America three-volume P. K. Dick collection. I had only read A Scanner Darkly at that time. I didn't get the set, and now a decade later I've still ONLY read Dick's A Scanner Darkly. Time's...
  3. Tom

    Movies People Who Like Horror Movies

    There seems to be a lot of people that think of Horror movies as a taboo taste that is to be shunned. They feel that someone that prefers horror movies has some dark trait that doesn't fit in with society. I'm curious if you have ever been subject to such judgements based on your preference for...
  4. Tom

    Which SHTF Scenario scares you the most?

    Which SHTF Scenario scares you the most? If you fear something not listed please tell us...
  5. Tom

    Movies Freddy Krueger, Jason Vorhees or Michael Myers?

    I just finished watching the Halloween series again. Michael Myers is a pussy compared to the other two. From a viewpoint of badassery, who do you think holds the title belt?