1. E

    Sci-Fi Bipedal Robots as Human Sidekicks

    OK, sidekicks is generic for (in the future) when it is possible to hire or buy a walking talking Bot. When these are available (IMO they will be by say 2050) they will have many uses say housework, talking companions, CareBots, go shopping and stuff. I am wondering if there will be a new Human...
  2. J

    Rogue Nano Robots

    Hi everyone. Just joined. Wanted to share a Sci fi/horror graphic novel I'm working on. It about a terminally ill person infused with nano robotic blood to kill her disease, but instead, the blood transforms her into a deadly being. It's based on technology that already exists. We've got a...
  3. Thingy

    Animation Doctor Appointments of the Future!

  4. NatRaff

    Sci-Fi Ananke: The Prologue

    Man has finally done it. We have perfected Artificial Intelligence, an independent being that can think and emote entirely on its own. That can learn and create. That possesses, for the first time, a personal magnetism, just like a human being. And they are called ConneXions… For a little...
  5. jonofthelang

    Sci-Fi Novel on Kickstarter: War of Eden

    Hey Everyone!! I've been writing a Sci-Fi Fantasy novel for the last three years, off and on, and finally it's almost finished because I have all the momentum I need! I launched the kickstarter today and will have the book in editing by end of October! There's all the epic info you'd want on...
  6. Where is Bender?

    Where is Bender?