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  1. Verna

    Sci-Fi Rocket Babe - Nolite Timere

    Hey Guys! We have just released our 5th book in the Rocket Babe series! Rocket Babe - Nolite Timere, is now live on Amazon! Kindle and the paperback! Synopsis: "The Rigelian's are the most advanced and powerful humanoids in our...
  2. Rocket Babe - Ant Men

    Rocket Babe - Ant Men

    Cover art for the new Rocket Babe edition, Ant Men! Native American legend has it that long ago two very different groups of aliens came from the distant stars to this planet. One, to show the way to enlightenment, good health and prosperity. The other, to plunder, consume and dominate.
  3. Verna

    Sci-Fi Rocket Babe Series Kindle Sale!

    Hey Cool SCI-FI, We’re having a Kindle Countdown sale for our Rocket Babe book series! Rocket Babe - Dust Storm September 1-3 Dust Storm $1.99! September 4-7 Dust Storm $2.99! AND Rocket Babe - Fallen Angel: