sci fi

  1. C

    Anyone like sci fi podcasts?

    I like destineys on wusb fridays nights and listening to old episodes of mike Elisons hour 25.
  2. M

    I'm trying to make a time travel film and I need your help!

    I'm really hesitant to post this shameless plug here, but I figured this was the forum to post on. I've recently written a time travel film based on the science behind movies like Primer, or Interstellar, and it would mean a lot if you could check it out. :) It's called A Point In Seven...
  3. Shatner121

    Any cool Sci Fi related Podcasts?

    This is mine :) be great for you to follow ! I would also love to follow others!
  4. screenersam

    Online Article; '27 Best Sci Fi Shows' online article / stuff to binge during virus a lot of obscure stuff like 'middleman' and 'counterpart' I've never seen does not include ST/TOS, nor the original Outer Limits! boo.
  5. Quincy Kelley

    Roxanne reveals her true identity: The TL

    Roxanne 10:00 PM, May 2nd, 1981 Somewhere in India Roxanne Singh was walking inside a secret hidden bunker at her house somewhere in a secluded undisclosed location. After taking off her clothing from head to toe, she looked herself in the mirror naked "this disguise is ruined, so I am going to...
  6. P

    For Sale New Fantasy/Sci-fi Shop

    Hello everyone! My name is Nick owner of PolymorphClub a new shop on etsy featuring fantasy and sci-fi designs. Sadly with Covid-19 many designs of my products have been delayed so i haven't been able to list them yet but they will be available early next week! Thank you for checking it out and...
  7. J

    Rogue Nano Robots

    Hi everyone. Just joined. Wanted to share a Sci fi/horror graphic novel I'm working on. It about a terminally ill person infused with nano robotic blood to kill her disease, but instead, the blood transforms her into a deadly being. It's based on technology that already exists. We've got a...