1. rachellang54

    Sci-Fi Do you prefer characters who are CG or Human

    Hi everyone! I'm new here, I've been working on a sci-fi short film so I thought this would be a good place to get some opinions :D Basically, there's an AI character who appears as a hologram to interact with the main character. Should we get a real actress to play the hologram or use a CG...
  2. julirew

    Terra! Tara! Terror! anthology

    Third Flatiron presents "Terra! Tara! Terror!" a new anthology of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and humor short stories. Twenty-seven international authors give free rein to their imaginations to explore speculative fiction themes ranging from the #MeToo political movement, magical realism...
  3. C

    Movies Bubbles-Sci-Fi Short Film(Eng Subbed)

    Short Film Link- hello friends,im new here.this is my first sci fi short film.i would like to show this to sci fi fans.kindly watch and share.tell me your opinions guyz.
  4. Shatner121

    TV Star Plunge is a trilogy!

    Currently working on the third episode of Star Plunge!! Check out episode 1 & 2 on Youtube !!
  5. The Arrival (Charlie Sheen, 1996)

    The Arrival (Charlie Sheen, 1996)

    Promo art for the 1996 movie, The Arrival, with Charlie Sheen.
  6. R

    Sci-Fi THE ASSASSINATION OF BILLY JEELING by Brian Herbert, from ReAnimus Press

    New from ReAnimus Press: THE ASSASSINATION OF BILLY JEELING by Brian Herbert ReAnimus Press - Breathing Life Into Great Books 99 ¢ Special Launch Pricing! Pre-orders available on! From the New York Times Bestselling author of the DUNE series comes a spectacular science...
  7. B

    Sci-Fi Transformers

    Do you like the shows or the movies?
  8. B

    Sci-Fi Odyssey vs the Aeneid

    Are they similar or different?
  9. B

    Sci-Fi Aliens Vs Predators

    Are these creatures asexuals since either species look like they have genders and reproduce like Groots and orcs? Are they the same species?
  10. sci-fi-dude

    TV Classic T.V. shows that use other program's visual and sound effects

    I figured on using this topic because I find interesting that other shows use sound bites or visual cue's or props from other shows. I dream of Jeanie kitchen was Larry Tate's kitchen on the early Bewitched. I noticed the musical computer sounds from the crazy mixed female computer "Agnes"...
  11. M

    Movies Unknown title

    Looking for the name of a Sci fi film that has a half cyborg man that has big wires coming out of him and he's after two or three women that are stranded on the planet fought it was Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity but it wasn't.
  12. screenersam

    TV Anyone Seen the New MST3K? (I haven't)

    anyone seen any of the new MST3Ks yet? is any channel replaying the old ones? I never see them listed.
  13. X

    I don't know/remember

    Ok, so I am trying to track down a plot line for a tv series or possibly episode. The earth is attacked by aliens using a Planet Killing weapon the encircles basically half of the planet, and drops kinetic bombs that penetrate in the core of the planet. The heroes defeat this weapon by...
  14. R

    SECRET OF THE MARAUDER SATELLITE by Ted White, from ReAnimus Press

    New from ReAnimus Press: SECRET OF THE MARAUDER SATELLITE by Ted White ReAnimus Press - Breathing Life Into Great Books (available in both ebook and paperback [$11.99, 194 pages]) As a newly minted graduate of space school, Paul lands space station duty and is given the tricky and...
  15. screenersam

    TV Which X-Files Episode / Entity Would You Like More of?

    which X-Files monster-of-the-week or entity would you like to see again / more of? the tree things from 'detour' tooms the squeeze guy Jersey Devil Chupacabra (can't think of any more top of my head) wouldn't it have been great if they finally did an alien invasion movie and all those monsters...
  16. M

    Sci-Fi New science fiction films happening???

    Any new scifi films being made that are cool and different??? Too many have same ideas recycled :-(
  17. M


    Looking for a name of a 80's/90's Sci fi film, people wake up from hibernation and are slowly getting killed off by a female android to cover up that earth's been ruined by war or something? Anything would help :)
  18. Captain Mutant

    Sci-Fi LEGO Toy Concept

    Hello everyone I'm new here so I hope I'm not doing something I shouldn't be doing... :) I've been a huge sci-fi fan since I was 7, growing up on Star Trek reruns (TOS, when there was no need to call it TOS ;) My appetite has grown since then and enjoy many varied adventures. One thing I did as...
  19. B

    Superheroes Thanos from Infinity Wars

    Is this the bad guy we are been waiting for?
  20. B

    Movies Good comic book movie villains

    D.C had villains better than the heroes while Marvel good guys are their own worst enemies. What makes a good bad guy for comic book movies ?Do they have to survive like Loki? Some of Disney villains don't and they are very memorable.